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Do Not Rate or Comment. In Fact, Don't Even Look (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Rating: 5.00 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Jackie Milton (06/05/2015 05:47pm):
K. Shutup.
CO Bans: Sami, Kindle, Lash, Sasha, Colin, SENSEI, Hachi. I think that's all.
Starting Funds:1776
Fog: On

Don't ask me how. I won't tell you, idiot.
(The "G" stands for "Genius")
Last Edited on 06/05/2015 05:54pm
Xmo5 (06/05/2015 06:27pm):
I've looked and commented now... can I resist the urge to rate? I guess so...

But only because it would change your Map Committee Rating and I'm too lazy to sign into one of
my other accounts to do it.
Nyvelion (06/05/2015 06:49pm):
Can't tell me not to do something.
That's like the #1 way to get me to do it.
I'm rebellious like that.
Jackie Milton (06/05/2015 07:18pm):
Don't you dare join my public game. You won't like it. You won't have fun doing it.

(The "H" stands for "Hates you all")
the-deadly-shadow (06/06/2015 02:11am):
I think Kanbei, Hawke, Drake and Olaf should be banned as well. I think Kanbei is better
at this map than Lash or Sami, and can beat Sasha as well. I think the mass damage COs are
also better than Lash and Sami on this map.
Jackie Milton (06/06/2015 10:46pm):
I think Kanbei is not broken as much here given his 20% more funds/unit is pretty
devastating given the funds/turn. Will see though after current playtest. I've considered
the damage COs. I think you're right, as well as Andy. However, I don't see CO powers
being used that often considering the ridiculously low amount of units. I could shut off
powers entirely.
Xmo5 (06/07/2015 09:59am):
The higher the funding and lower the production facilities, the more broken Kanbei is. I'm assuming that
you mean in your first comment that funds = 4k/property?

If that's the case, most of the time, players will have more money than they know what to do with,
which is the perfect opportunity for Kanbei because that extra cost is canceled out by the fact that
you can't spend your money fast enough. As it is, it looks like each player would make 936k per turn
once everything is captured, which is enough to spend 36k *per port* per turn. Even accounting for
Kanbei's +20% cost, that means any CO can purchase one naval unit of their choice on each port
each turn with no financial restrictions. Want 26 carriers this turn? Not a problem.

The advantage of a CO like Colin is that he can afford to fill production facilities much more easily-
when you play as him and you've successfully ramped your funds up, your goal is to constantly buy a
unit on every property every turn because each unit gets you closer to your COP which gives you
more money which lets you buy bigger units to charge your COP faster. Other COs can't keep up with
the spam of increasingly strong units, which is what makes Colin arguably the most broken CO in
AWBW (IMO). However, comparing that to this situation, it becomes clear that Colin loses that
advantage over everyone else, even Kanbei who can afford to do exactly the same thing, but with
units that have boosted attack/defense compared to Colins -10% offense. Therefore, this battle is
decided by quality, not quantity. Drake, for example would be OP, just as the-deadly-shadow

Now, on the other hand, if you literally meant 4/property, such that each player earned almost 1k *total*
per turn, then obviously that argument goes out the window. However, the game would take an
eternity to ever progress because it would take a lot of saving up to build anything. You couldn't even
afford your second infantry until day 31! You could get your 3rd as early as day 43, but that's brutally
long to play before anything even happens.
Jackie Milton (06/07/2015 10:13am):
Yes. 4/property, not 4k. Sorry you had to type all that. I know it will take an eternity,
that's why I titled my current game: "Long A** Game"
So there. *Sticks Tongue Out*

Although I am glad you calculated that out; I wanted to know, but I didn't want to put in
the time.
(The "D" stands for "Don't overthink it")
Last Edited on 06/07/2015 10:14am
Xmo5 (06/07/2015 11:49am):
It's actually pretty easy, I just made an excel file with one column for days, counting by 1s, a
column for number of properties which started at 1 and increased by 1 every other day, and
a column that told me how much funding was available based on that (4*property # + funds
from the day before).

I actually didn't account for the 1776 starting funds so that changes things a lot. Assuming
you waste no moves, you could build an infantry on days 3, 12, and 25. That's still a long
wait though haha
Nyvelion (06/08/2015 05:14pm):
The title of this map...
Sometimes, I wish I could apply this rule to guys who meet me: "Do Not Rate or Comment. In
Fact, Don't Even Look".
Jackie Milton (06/09/2015 11:52pm):
Yet you guys all looked and commented. Tsk tsk. The nature of people I guess. Snoopy and
judgmental. There it is, I summed up humanity. Although, thinking about it, it is a pretty
good line. Kinda misanthropic. Maybe my 4th in a series of Black Metal themed maps? haha, nvm.

I added some landers so you fools aren't dinking around for a century trying to build a
stupid transport.

(The "C" stands for "has no Clue")
the-deadly-shadow (06/22/2015 07:01am):
This is the only map you find if you search for: ''t rate''. I expected there would be
more maps with something like Don't rate or Do not rate.
Xmo5 (12/05/2016 09:56pm):
Just for that, I'm making a map that meets those criteria, but doesn't say "don't rate" or any such
equivalent expressions.
Xmo5 (08/14/2017 05:59pm):
It only took me 9 months, but after a typical human gestation period, I've given birth to an animal! I mean,
like, a map, but one that was named after an animal and met the criteria of my previous description. Also,
in case anyone needs clarification, no, I did not actually physically give birth to this map, but yes, it did hurt.


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