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The American Way (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Rating: 10.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
Jackie Milton (06/11/2015 10:45am):
What's more American than Football, Money Acquisition, Sabotage, Government Intervention,
and Good Ol' Brawls? Nothing, you stinky communist, this is it. The true America. Guns,
Balls, and Man on Man Action. *Fireworks*

The Teams
Blue Moon: Good ol' Uncle Sam, here to regulate the economy.
Red Fire: The referees. Maintaining the illusion of control and order.
Brown Desert: The Social Justice WARRIORS fighting for the Left
Grey Sky: The neoCONVICTS doing battle for the Right.

The Map
The middle: The original American battleground, the Football Field. This is where the REAL
fighting is done.
The sides (L-R): The training area, where managers frivolously spend money recruiting players.
The other sides: The marketing and fundraising arena where teams gather as much funding as
they can from the noble endeavor of Capitalism. T-shirts, hats, guns, tanks, even
football-themed toilet paper!

The Game:
The first 7 days are pre-season. Teams will pursue funds and save up for the first game.
On Day 7, teams will build units on their bases/airports to be used the following turn. On
day 8 the team-side megatanks will open the gates to the field and the teams will move
their units inward. On Day 9, the teamside megatanks will resume position and the midfield
megatanks will retreat. As the fight goes on, teams will be able to capture more
properties in the capitalism zones. Once all the units of a team are destroyed (Or ten
days runs out (Then based on fund damage)), one game ends, leading right into another,
starting with new team production. Remaining units on the field will be destroyed.

...Meanwhile, during the games, players may build and place land units on two BM Cities.
On the trun subsequent placement, BM will create those units on coordinating, opposite
bases (AA on top city, BM AA on opposite side top base). These units will then move about
and block neutral bases and prevent the other team form capturing. teams will have to
destroy these units in order to capture properties. At the end of a game, the winning team
will have all BM units on nearby properties destroyed.

The game ends when... I'm not sure, actually. Ref's discretion....

Additional Rules:
Placing larger tanks on BM properties, will result in various bonuses such as sneak-peaks
to opponents training. etc.
Refs may issue penalties to players resulting in one game suspensions in which a megatank
will sit on a base during construction turn. Penalties may be stalling destruction after a
game or attacking a ref.
Two game suspensions from domestic abuse in which indirect units fire upon mechs outside
the field.
Last Edited on 06/11/2015 11:37am
Jackie Milton (06/11/2015 11:55am):
RF must be Javier
BM must be Sasha
Team: RF+BM vs. BD vs. GS
Fog: On. Will see how this goes. (I will make some adjustments to make this non-horrible
Funds: 500
Weather: Random
CO Bans: Sensei, Sami, Sturm, Hawke, Von Bolt, Rachel, Drake, Olaf, Kanbei, Grit(maybe),
Hachi, Colin. Sasha for teams.
Unit Bans: Black Bomb, Mech, Infantry, Maybe Stealth.
Lab Units: Megatank, Maybe Stealth

(The "K" stands for "doesn't actually Know anything about politics or football, so don't
get your panties in a knot, not making any kind of statement, jeesh")
Xmo5 (06/11/2015 02:25pm):
Don't you know anything about football?! Uncle Sam doesn't even like football! Also, the
refs are given way more megatanks than that in the real version. Nice try though.

Nyvelion (06/11/2015 03:41pm):
Sounds like a completely accurate view of american football to me.

"Two game suspensions from domestic abuse"
Nothing wrong with you pointing this sad fact out... but it might be best that I not even
get started on this subject, don't want to take over the map comments with that discussion.
Last Edited on 06/11/2015 04:35pm
Jackie Milton (06/11/2015 06:15pm):
My little take on complex roleplay maps with a dash of satire to mix it up. Some dashes
truer than others, eh? Anyway, I hope this may be a fun game people will play regardless
of the callings out.

Don't get me wrong though; I love America, but one cannot deny some of the heinousness and

X, just because I'm a Boy Scout does not mean I'm qualified to unknot your panties...

J, you can say whatever you want! This IS America last time I checked (For some... sorry
international AWBW members, I don't mean to exclude you). But I can think of a more
suitable place for that.

(The "N" stands for "panty-knot untying is NOT a badge...")
Last Edited on 06/11/2015 06:16pm
IPS (06/11/2015 10:50pm):
Genius description 11/10, wait I can't rate higher than 10, then fuck you and get 10/10
Bamboozle (06/12/2015 12:53am):
the-deadly-shadow (06/12/2015 08:09am):
i guess the greyside is more popular, as they head start raising funds.

I don't really understand why Uncle Sam is needed, probably because I am not American and
don't know American football. I believe American football it that sport that make the one
who practise it aggresive, which leads to players maltreat their girlfriends.

also I guess that the Mega tanks need options to refuel.

Another problem could be with players blocking the megatanks. though the megatanks can
destroy those units, until they run out of ammo. However with air units it works different.

I guess you are not allowed to enter the other half of the pitch and use your rockets to
destroy any produced units after the game has ended.

All COs with CO-power damage are banned, but I think kindle is missing.
Jackie Milton (06/13/2015 12:54am):
You bring up some good points Shadow.

Yes, Kindle should be banned as well.

Unruliness will be combated by the refs

Uncle Sam is necessary because money is the driving force of all things. One shold be able
to bribe Uncle Sam to block out the financial successes of opposing teams. This is hs

the-deadly-shadow (06/16/2015 05:38am):
I guess I understand now. Uncle Sam is probably that stinky capitalist that turns the
whole world in (economic) misery.
Nyvelion (06/16/2015 06:10am):
Uncle Sam is the bastard who says that in order to get a good job, you have to go into
tens of thousands of dollars of debt to go to college first, then you do, and you have a
hard time being taken seriously and getting decent pay because we wouldn't want those "big
government regulations" to enforce gender equality, no instead we do it the freedom-loving
capitalist way which means you can be fired and never rehired because you're a single
mother and why should anyone help you after you've worked hard all your life for this if
it means a multi-million dollar company has to pay you a little in maternity leave and the
state governor is a criminal lunatic who is too busy giving that company tax breaks to
care about you, and now you're in debt, you have a physical condition that prevents from
getting many jobs or decent insurance, mental trauma that makes every other human
interaction difficult, a child to take care of, and apparently all the tax money you've
spent is going to back to the people who put you in this situation in the first place.
Fuck Uncle Sam.
Nyvelion (06/16/2015 01:19pm):
"Two game suspensions from domestic abuse"
Two games. For beating his wife. How is this possible.
Not even just for adults but in college and high school too.
You know why I didn't tell anyone immediately when I was beaten and raped a decade ago?
Okay, actually it was because I've never been more scared in my life and wasn't in a
position to say much of anything.
But looking back, knowing how it would have worked out if I were able to say something,
what happens then?
First, I'd go through everyone not believing me. Asking me what I was wearing, as if that
matters somehow. Telling me I must have wanted it, as if me trying to fight back and
getting beaten for it wasn't enough indication that I didn't.
Then I'd have to go the police for the humiliating procedure of them using a rape kit on
me. For all the good it'll do when it sits in a closet collecting dust afterwards.
Meanwhile back at school I'd still be feeling the same effects of rape culture as not
saying anything, Mr. football player gets to go on as if nothing happened, while
humiliating me further by started the rumor of me being a slut.
At best, and this is very unlikely to have even happened, he'd have gotten what seems to
be the maximum sentence of 2 months in jail for ruining my life, after which I'd have to
be even more afraid of him coming for me again.
Even if it weren't far too late for me to tell them what happened, as they'd just call me
a liar now despite how rare fake rape reports really are, I don't regret not telling them,
because of how awful the average response to rape is around here.
And nobody seems to want to do anything about this. I've been in several online support
groups for sexual assault survivors, listened to hundreds of people like me, and I know
there are at least thousands of us whose lives were ruined by this.
But no, two game suspension, because america wants more football, who cares about rape
survivors right, just let them suffer.
Last Edited on 06/16/2015 03:56pm
the-deadly-shadow (06/16/2015 02:22pm):
Lets not make jokes like : Sorry, I didn't meant to do that.

I don't it should be appropiate to be telling such stories if it is untrue, so lets assume
that this is not the case. However that would be kind of a shock to me.

In the end I guess you America should want more soccer.

At least I cann't imagine that rapers get away so easily, only a few months of jail should
be a joke. I don't know if american judges are supposed to make such jokes. Off course
this is about the map, as American Football is strongly related to abuse.
Xmo5 (06/16/2015 03:42pm):
Yeah, that's not a joke.

Honestly, it's sickening to know how much someone can screw another person over for the
rest of their life with seemingly little to no concern for the consequences, if they're
ever incurred. I watched a show recently that was covering real crimes and this neighbor
was a crack addict off her rocker. She seemed friendly, but started a vicious and petty
feud with the new neighbors when they began using their own garden (between the driveways)
in a way she disliked. She got really aggressive and the new neighbors lived in constant
fear because of her for a long time. Eventually she had a mental breakdown and was exiled
from the state for making death threats and bombs, but managed to avoid jail due to
"insanity" and got medical attention and rehab instead. She illegally returned a few years
later and tried to blow up the neighbors' house with a pipe bomb but accidentally blew
herself up instead, right outside on the street. Sure, she got what she deserved (if you
want to look at it that way), but those people were basically scarred for life with the
fear of people like her out to kill them and the vision of her scattered body parts all
over their yard (literally). That isn't something you just forget about- their lives were
forever changed because of some psychotic drug addict who snapped. I'd say justice was not
served, and I doubt that it can be in cases like this because the person committing the
crime just doesn't get hit on nearly the same level, no matter what happens to them.

So yeah, you can see how a jail sentence (even a long one) just doesn't equate to the
effects of the crime. To top it off, having a vindictive ex-con released to come find you
again later isn't the most comforting thought. My guess is that the 2 month sentence has
to do with the age of the offender, who was probably a minor at the time (right?)
Jackie Milton (06/16/2015 07:07pm):
Ughh... people are dumb. Humanity in general, that is. It's probably better on Mars.
Y'know, where there's no genocide, rape, or abuse...

If anyone makes it here and wants to play, feel free to send me a message.
Last Edited on 11/22/2015 12:20pm
Tmi489 (08/18/2017 02:56pm):
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Jackie Milton (08/18/2017 06:35pm):
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