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Grand Staff (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Jackie Milton (06/21/2015 05:24pm):
Set the 'nome at 40 bpm, cuz this mofo gon' be slow. Big map, bit of asymmetry (hopefully
not too unbalancing. I guess a pretty straightforward high funds map. I assume the funding
will promote some naval combat, but this isn't necessarily a navy-heavy map. Personally, I
think the clefs turned out pretty well. Biggest problem I see is little contact early on,
but I'mma move some stuff around after this comment. Bonus points to anyone who can name
the chord just right of center (That is a note in the middle).

(The "T" stands for "lot's of Treble")
Xmo5 (06/22/2015 04:40pm):
For those of us who are (mostly) musically illiterate, what does this sound like?
Jackie Milton (06/22/2015 04:48pm):
Well considering there's no actual meter, difficult to say. But definitely, there will be
a short pause followed by a happy sound. Then nothing. Absolutely nothing.

(The "R" stands for "Rests... forever...")

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