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Forest Cult (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Rating: 2.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Jackie Milton (06/28/2015 06:22pm):
My 4th in a series of Black Metal themed maps. Blegh.

... Deep within the darkest sanctums of public education -- I mean hell -- a demon army
prepares its forces to wreak havoc on the mortal world. A wormhole has opened up in the
Mediocre Forest (It's not really that great...) through which 5th-grade hellions emerge to
infect all of us with the common cold. Or something. Once at war, the nations of the four
corners must unite to defeat the enemy at the source. They must hold off the cult long
enough to launch their attack on hell.

Teams: Everyone against RF
Funds: 2k
Weather: Rain, of course. Black Metal. Duh.
Fog: On
Days: 66(6)
CO Bans: Broken Five, Sonja, Olaf, Von Bolt, Javier
Unit Bans: Stealth, BBomb
Lab Units: Rockets, Mega Tank, Bomber

(The "R" stands for "Rrrahwhdshwaaskkaawas rrrawwaghagh kultrverawghwgh")
the-deadly-shadow (06/29/2015 04:37am):
The lonely RF infantery does not stand chance. If it is 4 vs. 1, it is unfair.
Jackie Milton (06/29/2015 03:00pm):
Jeez... I didn't think this merited a 3... I nuetralled one of each countries bases (I
forgot about the funding). Explain the unfairness so I can mitigate that. pleaseandthankyou.

(The "I" stands for "In-fan-try")
Jackie Milton (07/01/2015 05:28pm):
Does anyone else have anything to say...... :'(

(The "L" stands for "Lonely")
Nyvelion (07/02/2015 03:11pm):
Joining a forest cult is an interesting idea.
I did always think I could be a good cult member. Never cared much for religious stuff,
big or small, but might be fun to pretend anyway, it's mentally stimulating to use
imagination. Or maybe I could be the cult leader. I've read a lot of fantasy novels, I
should be able to right a good scripture to follow. If not that I could still be in charge
of rituals, I could lead the singing and dancing for the cult, that role is very important!
Not sure about the forest part. I don't have a very high opinion of civilization right
now, it's all scary and is always looking for a reason to take advantage of you. Getting
away from that is somewhat appealing. A forest though, do those have a lot of wind? I
don't want to mess up my hair. And I still want my computer, my refrigerator, my shower,
my cell phone, and a bunch of other things. I don't like bugs either, needs to be a forest
with no bugs, only cute fluffy animals.
Jackie Milton (07/02/2015 03:55pm):
Oooh. That is an interesting idea :)
(For the record, I am not recruiting for any cults)
I hate to break to you that most cults taking an opposition to civilization do not
frequent "singing" per se, but rather... well... you know... uh, screaming, to say the
But, hey, maybe your purpose is to bring beautiful, clean singing to the remnants of
second wave Black Metal :)

Or what about an AWBW cult? Or is this place a cult already....
Definitely not in a forest... So I think your hair is safe.

(The "M" stands for "Myrkur: I think she is some black metal that you might actually enjoy")
Last Edited on 07/09/2015 09:17am
Jackie Milton (07/09/2015 08:08pm):
Dang. a 3 and a 1. Dang. Maybe I shouldn't have complained....
Dang. No comment either? Is it because I rudely corrected the spelling of the word
"infantry"? Is it because of my tongue-in-cheek support of devil worship?
Is it because I play clarinet? That's probably it. Jonah, you might think it's funny
bagging on me because I play clarinet, but... uh.. well, maybe you have a point...

(The "D" stands for "Dang.")
Last Edited on 08/18/2015 09:04am
a9977321 (02/04/2016 11:41am):
It is said that Sturm is not affected by rain. Is it good not to ban him?
Jackie Milton (02/16/2016 02:32pm):
The middle player must be sturm, but he should be banned for other players.

(The "S" stands for "Stuuuuuuurrrrrmmmm!")
ichbinsehselber (07/23/2017 12:00pm):
Hm, it will be very tough for the allies to assault the forest. Sturm can move the full 6
squares in the forest in rain while the allies can only move 2, or 3 if they are Drake.
It is 8 bases for the allies vs 7 for sturm, who has more income. So most likely Sturm
should win this relatively easily due to the advantage of being 1 person vs a team.

I think Sturm has too much safe income. For better balancing I would
1.) remove some of Sturms safe income
2.) move some of Sturms income into the forest zone, maybe 5 properties.
3.) Also give him only 1 com tower max.
Last Edited on 07/23/2017 12:05pm
Jackie Milton (07/24/2017 11:58am):
Yes, it will be tough for allies to assault the forest. The purpose is to invade the south end of the map
before the forest zone gets too strong. Clearly the map is not balanced (few playtests), however, the
focus is getting a balance of stopping units from creeping out of the forest while simultaneously
chipping away at the gate.

(The "G" stands for "the Gate is down")
ichbinsehselber (07/24/2017 03:00pm):
well this is interesting. I was more imagining that RF would come out of the south...

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