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...and Oceans (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Rating: 8.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Jackie Milton (08/18/2015 07:16pm):
My 5th in a series of Black Metal themed maps. Per usual, rain and fog, as the true beauty
of the natural world is the constant fear of creatures lurking in the shadows planning
one's inevitable demise, thus continuing the cycle.

This one is set up sort of like immigration maps: transport with some soldiers. Initial
game is pretty obvious getting footholds in various islands and such, but after that,
(theoretically) it gets more complicated. Obviously, this map is designed to be
naval-heavy, and with correct funding (2.5k) this should be very feasible. The next step
is the assault on foreign islands thus giving some attention to land units. As a side
objective, airports are located in the corners to give combat a little twist. Using these
air units, one can attempt to capture the opposing HQ which can only be defended by
B-Ships and Cruisers. Air units should probably be lab units as well.

Due to the minimal shoals I figured infantry blocking would be rampant, therefore the two
mechs are the only soldiers you get (Obviously you can block shoals with other things too,
but at least it's more cost ineffective). However, this makes HQ capture and land assault
especially risky.

tl;dr Game Specs:
CO Bans: The Tr00 5, Drake (cuz rain, not cuz boats), Sturm, maybe Von Bolt and Rachel
Unit Bans: Infantry, Mech, Carrier, BBomb, Stealth, Piperunner
Lab Units: Rockets, T copter, B copter, Fighter, Bomber
Weather: Rain
Fog: On
Starting Funds: 0 or -5000
Funds per Turn: 2500

(The "T" stands for "Troo (with two o's)")
Last Edited on 08/18/2015 07:18pm
WetAutumnRain (08/18/2015 07:33pm):
The left black boat is stationed in a forest.
Jackie Milton (08/18/2015 07:57pm):
So is the right one. They're in dry docks so the ice doesn't corrode them in the winter.

Btw, your name is pretty black metal. Jus, sayin'. Or could it be doom? Maybe death? Darn,
which genre is it that is so obsessed with months in the fall...? Anyhow, let's be
accurate and say your name is pretty Atmospheric Black/Death/Gothic Metal with Doom

(The "W" stands for "advance War metal")
Xmo5 (08/21/2015 02:48pm):
See this is a tough one because of FTA. So, you know we typically do the infantry counter
for a half turn advantage, but things get more complicated with high funds and with
predeployed/immigration style maps.

First, as a high funds map, typically bases are all started neutral (1 thing in your favor
here) since the first buy might not be an infantry, but something more expensive if
desired (can negate an infantry counter sometimes). By making the bases neutral and giving
predeployed infantry to capture them, you can set one infantry back (or forward) a turn,
so that no matter what is purchased on the first day with the base, the "half-turn"
philosophy still holds. Problem 1 is that this wasn't implemented and so there's no real
counter to FTA. So I would fix that....

... which brings us to problem 2... how do you implement that change here? It's not
straightforward or pretty means. The best solution I could come up with, without altering
the map in ways you'd probably want to avoid, is to give each player a second black boat,
on top of the mountain by their HQ. Then, move one of GE's mechs onto the forest on the
opposite side of the HQ island such that it can't load into either boat on day 1. This
way, the order in which infantry load into bboats and get started would be GE1, JS1, JS2,
GE2. You need a second transport for this to work, because otherwise the delay of a single
infantry will delay the whole transport from leaving.
Jackie Milton (08/23/2015 04:31pm):
Ah, but my FTA counter is much more subtle, but possibly not as effective as I'd like it
to be. (Do you see it?) Time will tell though. I do like the idea of two black boats, though.

Also, I am going to change the ghosted ports to the adjacent corner ports. That way, land
units will be easier to deploy.
Last Edited on 08/23/2015 04:33pm
Xmo5 (08/23/2015 04:39pm):
Ah yes I see the reefs now, but I think my comment still holds. Same basic argument, except it's reversed now
that ge is delayed.
Jackie Milton (08/30/2015 06:38pm):
Lol. The phantom rater strikes again!
Would be nice to know exactly why "5" and how I would make it not "5".
I did change the middle a little as well. Now there is less risk of losing all mechs, and
FTA is slightly changed. Hopefully for the better.

(The "W" stands for "Watch your back")

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