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Piggies as My Cousin, and I Call 'Em (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
Categories: A-Rank

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Jackie Milton (08/28/2015 11:04pm):
So. Only a thought of mine based on an obscure reference to another map. Nothing too fancy
here, just rivers and pipe seams. Not too much to say (I'll write specs below), other than
I think my base placement is pretty iffy. Especially around the HQs. Chokiness may also be
a problem, but it shouldn't be too bad, as there are several ways to get to places.

Suggested CO Bans: 5, Kindle, the Missle COs, Maybe Jake (Lots o' Plains)
Suggested Unit Bans: Neotank, Mega Tank, Stealth, B-Bomb, Carrier, Maybe B-Ship.
Suggested Lab Units: Bomber, Rockets
Funds: 1000
Weather: Clear

I suspect there will be lots of tanks, b-copters, and A-As

(The "M" stands for "Manly")
Xmo5 (08/29/2015 12:45am):
Ahahaha, I've seen nothing by the title and I love it already. No time to actually look at the map or
the comment. but yes. Just yes.
Xmo5 (08/29/2015 08:47am):
Okay, so now I've had a chance to look at the map a little more in detail. Looks good overall, but my
general thoughts are:

1) I think it's a little chokey in the middle so battle will probably be pretty congested, even with
multiple paths. I might swap the neutral base with the city by the airport or something (at first glance)
so you can comfortably expand the middle somewhat. (You also have a symmetry error with the

2) I think the neutral base is a bit too close to the combat- the route feels very direct. I think the
suggestion to point #1 would probably solve that. I'd also move the forward base backwards a bit,
maybe switching it with that nearby city. I'd give each side a predeployed lander by the port so they
can use it to transport units over to the battle if they so choose. I doubt anyone will buy a lander for
that though.

3) There's nothing wrong with the tower position at all, but I personally like the idea of it being closer
to the fronts so that a push forward results in something worth capturing. Theoretically makes the
battle less stale than an equivalent map with a safe tower, but like I said, this is preference and
there's nothing wrong with having it there.

4) The airport should really be captured by the other starting base for a more effective FTA counter.
If you move it diagonally over the river, swapping it with the neutral city right by the one that we
moved the other base to, this would solve the problem nicely. I'd also let that base have the tower,
so the current position is fine, but if you move it, keep that in mind.

5) Funds could stand to be a little higher, I'd add 1-2 cities per side. At 15k per player, you can
almost bet that most people would buy 2 tanks and an infantry every turn. You want to avoid nice
numbers like that. 15k is too convenient, like I said, and 18k is too convenient for b-copter, tank, 2x
inf. 16 or 17k would be good because it should shake things up a bit. 19k would work too, but I think
the map might be too small to fit all that. Just things to think about.

Also, I haven't done the math on this, but will the piggies have enough ammo to break out?
Jackie Milton (08/29/2015 10:51am):
So I've made some changes. I tried to tackle every issue you had.

1-2) I moved the bases. I feel like they are in a better spot, but we'll have to see.
Also, I could not find the asymmetrical bridges. However, I added two more. I also put in
some landers, pretty unconventionally, if I may add. I figure this will give some options
to spice up the battle a little. Primarily, it is defensive, as it can block the opposing
port for a time. On the other hand, it has offensive value of transporting troops that
would otherwise be unable to make that crossing. I imagine the pre-deployed landers will
be destroyed by mid-game, which, may be just in time for each team to invest in one from
the port.

3+5) I moved the towers much closer to the the front and replaced them with a base thus
bringing the funds to 16k.

4) Airport moved

It should take roughly 7 turns for the neotanks to break from their cages with 2 ammo left.

(The "M" stands for "Man")
Last Edited on 08/31/2015 07:56pm
Bamboozle (08/31/2015 05:15pm):
I feel like that comma in the title shouldn't be there :○
Jackie Milton (08/31/2015 07:55pm):
OH... But it should. In fact, the only reason I made this map was for the comma. You see,
this isn't a very good map; if I were to name it accurately I would call it Recon
Rushathon. (Now I may have to make a map called Recon Rushathon.) It is simply the comma
that slices the phrase into a nonsequiter, yet mighty statement. What does it mean? We may
not know until archaeologists unearth the ancient relic many years in the future. Some say
it's only the result of a misunderstanding, others argue that it is a testament undying
nostalgia of our youth. Regardless, the mysterious statement is here for years to come....

(The "M" stands for "Man")
Xmo5 (09/03/2015 09:33am):
Yea verily.
Bamboozle (01/24/2016 05:38pm):
Noice dynamics here, although the river placements paired with the more constricting terrain may lead to a lot of
indirect power. Freeing that neotank from that bboat prison is a cool choice to make (rather obvious for a 22k unit
but still cool) and divides a little power from the main battle for a while. Center is definitely chokey though, and the
side lander shenanigans might not be enough to offset the chokiness there as well. Then again you got indirect
heaven so it might not be that bad. Stickin this in A-Rank, good stuff
Nyvelion (06/21/2016 03:43pm):
This map name seems strangely familiar, but I don't remember from where.
Jackie Milton (06/22/2016 03:51pm):
Well, it should be, that comment thread was one of the funniest on the site. I put hints in my comments
that should be pretty revealing of it's origin.
Nyvelion (06/23/2016 04:31pm):
I can't find it.
Jackie Milton (06/23/2016 04:51pm):
Check my favorites.

(The "D" stands for "Daimyo87")

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