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StoneHenge (Design Map by borgez)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 7.75 in 20 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
borgez (05/21/2005 09:48am):
The layout is based on yet another diplomacy map of the same name. (i loved that game) But
i switched around nation placement to keep it close to even. there is only one nation on
the British Isle, and Iceland is its own nation. I also added Germany to duke it out with
France and Belgium. The Netherlands seem to be in the best position to start off, but they
could be held in check by Iceland and if Belgium or England comes to a peaceful solution
with their other neighbors, they could cause some trouble as well.
(05/31/2005 10:06am):
PLease please please !!

How to play ?
Avatar-Jiawei (05/31/2005 12:19pm):
Brown desert=Iceland Orange star=France?

Green Earth=Ireland Black hole=Belgium/Netherlands?

Redfire=Norway Yellow Comet=Denmark

Blue Moon=Great Britain

(05/31/2005 03:44pm):
I believe you are right Jiawei. This map does seem interesting though.

(06/01/2005 11:14am):
If Orange Star = France, it's me...
(06/01/2005 12:06pm):
Armagetron : Are you french ? moi je suis français !
(06/19/2005 03:54am):
OMMLETTE DU FROMAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!! Personally I think Drake has an advantage... :P
(07/13/2005 02:31pm):
We say "Omelette au fromage", not "Omelette du fromage"...
("Omelette du fromage" is like you said "/Omelette/ some cheese" in english (I don't know
what the english for Omelette...)...)
(ah oui, pas besoin de préciser ma nationalité, ça devrait se voir dans cette parenthèse :P)

Oh yes, for the map...
Not bad, just, the capital cities aren't at the right place, but it doesn't matter...
(08/26/2005 11:21pm):
Orange Star = France

Blue Moon = Great Britian

Green Earth: Ireland (Assuming)

Yellow Comet = (Not Sure Because I Don't Know The Name of It... -.-)

Black Hole = Germany

Fire Red = Norway

Brown = Neither Land (Meh?)

Meh, 8/10, love Diplomacy games, so it will be 10/10 instead.
smans (09/30/2005 04:19pm):
yellow comet=denmark

ReneDupree7 (10/02/2005 01:07pm):
This map is pretty cool .
zero212 (01/14/2006 09:08am):
i think black hole is the so called ''benelux'' and germany togather...
dboy (02/07/2006 02:37pm):
Brown= Iceland, surely?

An outstanding map, btw!
Last Edited on 02/07/2006 02:37pm
Pyrranha (11/07/2006 01:45pm):
pen (03/10/2012 01:05am):
It's a tough call but RF would actually be Sweden because the pre-owned properties would appear to be west
of the Kjolen mountain range.... But why isn't England RF instead? (HQ design). Some of the HQ's could be
placed more accurately as well.
mirddes (11/01/2013 06:41am):



Nyvelion (07/23/2014 03:29pm):

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