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Artillary, Infantery and other Abominations in Orthography (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Jackie Milton (10/19/2015 07:48am):
So here is my newest chokepoint dedicated to some of the atrocious spellings here on AWBW. I made this
hopefully to be used in red fog league as this is similar to the maps we use. This is for high funds 2k-3k,
heavy naval. Lab suggestion is fighters and bombers. CO bans on the trve 5,obviously, as well as lash, Jake
Drake and dEagle. Javier too; lots of indirects.

(The "B" stands for "(not) Black metal... this time")

~Meant for FFA, 2V2, or 4v0
Last Edited on 10/19/2015 08:30am
Xmo5 (10/19/2015 08:29am):
For a true high funds counter, both bases should start neutral with an "infantery" nearby.
After that, the normal "set one back a turn" counter applies.

I'm not sure that Lash, Drake, or Eagle need to be banned (and Jake never needs to be
banned). 1T Javier will be strong, but I'm not sure the map favors indirects enough to
warrant a ban. I'll agree that Eagle will probably be stronger than normal here, but
mostly on account of the fact that Sasha will be significantly weaker; her +100 per
property D2D just isn't enough to cut it in high funds. Without her as a strong choice,
Eagle has a chance to shine, but I think that can be a good thing since he doesn't get
much play normally.
Jackie Milton (10/19/2015 09:16pm):
Changed it. Should be more balanced now. How are the fronts?
Xmo5 (10/20/2015 09:11pm):
I'm worried they'll be a bit open with the lack of mountains, and the large area of shoals
near the battlefield might make things a bit quirky. Losing a few tiles of ground would
suddenly make a huge difference in the dynamic. The airport on in the corner will help to
keep that from happening, but I'm concerned that A) The lab sits on the border of the
shoals, making it very defensible and B) It's the one main contested property. The reason
"B" could be problematic is because there will be too little drive for capture if the lab
units are trivial, but if you make them important, it will be too game changing for that
location to be balanced. I think a city or two close to the front would be ideal with the
lab set back a few, like how you have the nearby cities now: Near the front, but not
exactly contested.
Jackie Milton (10/24/2015 07:31pm):
Mixed up the fronts a little. Added a property and quite a few shoals. Aside from looking
cool in the thumbnail (although a good reason for anything), I wanted the shoals in the
fronts to be a little stalemate-y. Each side may hesitate to attack the other from such
indefensible terrain. Why? you ask. I hope this will promote more boats and planes in the
game. With 30-45k, high price units such as such should make common occurrences.
Obviously, we won't see any naval-naval combat in the corners, but battleships are good
for camping.

Mega Tank ban? for risk of spamming.

Madd Maxx (11/11/2015 04:40pm):
Cool map. Love conceptual maps. 10/10
Xmo5 (05/08/2016 01:14pm):
I love orthographic errors.

In other news, does anyone know why certain words (such as ortography) end in -ic in their adjective form (I
had the research the adjective form of the noun adjective, which turned out to also be adjective... Too much
grammar here, oy.) while others (such as grammar) end in -ical in their adjective form? In other words how do I
know when words aren't the other way around- to someone otherwise unfamiliar with 'orthography' and
'grammar', how would they know it's not a 'grammatic error' or an 'orthographical error'? That's a serious
question. I can't be pedantic unless I have a legitimate grammatical reasoning, backed by a reputable authority.

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