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Cozy Caldera (Design Map by bazwhooper)
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Xmo5 (10/30/2015 11:46am):
I think the top and bottom of the map are too far away to really get any attention. The
players are so close to each other that the battle will be decided long before those areas
become significant. Anyone who invests more money to develop those areas faster will be
sacrificing a lot in the short term and probably pay the price for it.
bazwhooper (10/30/2015 01:58pm):
That's intentional. You have to decide carefully just how much resources you want to invest in capturing the outside
territories because there's more out there than you can reasonably expect to capture during the course of the
game. I suggest FOW so you can't see what tactic your opponent chose.
Xmo5 (10/30/2015 04:52pm):
Well, I suppose that's a bit of my point. I doubt there will be any benefit to capturing
the neutral base considering it would take 9 turns. Unlike a map with an active/important
neutral base, capturing this soon won't be a priority because it has no major impact on
the capture phase or unit production throughout the course of the game; the only real
benefit is funding. Within the AWBW meta, I'd be surprised if anyone really captured more
than about 14-18k worth of income before the battle were decided. That pretty much
excludes the outer areas with the neutral base and airport from play altogether, not just
in part.

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