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War never changes v1.0 (Design Map by InfernusMachine)
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InfernusMachine (01/03/2016 03:40pm):
The idea here is simple, 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2 or all vs all :P

About the rules, i dont think that should exist any :)

Well, what you say about this? :)
Xmo5 (01/04/2016 05:58pm):
Normally an infantry FTA counter with a 1-base start isn't fair because you do is switch
who goes first that way. Things are different here because you need a tcopter to make your
infantry worth anything and you certainly have the funding to buy one. So in actuality,
it's not enough of an FTA counter- 17k is a lot of money to spend and 1 infantry just
doesn't cut it.

Personally I don't think it's fair to have players race to the sides to capture bases
because the first one to capture will win the area and effectively eliminate the enemy
player, especially with so much funding at their disposal from the very beginning. No
matter how you design the FTA counter, this will have massive FTA problems unless each
player races for two equally important areas each and has the advantage on one but not on
the other.

Overall I don't think it's a bad idea- it's a fast starting tournament style map and it
changes things up by being air heavy, especially at the beginning. I just think that the
FTA problems are too severe for it to be fair.
InfernusMachine (01/05/2016 01:33pm):
My idea to the FTA was because of the massive income, the variation of tactics would change
things... But yeah.. You're right, on the close quarters the tactics will be almost the same... B-Copter
dog fights and maybe a Fighter to turn the tides :s

Your idea of two areas might be better. Hmm... This is really difficult XD
InfernusMachine (01/05/2016 04:58pm):
Is it better? :) with this the early game gets a bit slow. The "fast starting" disappears but the air battle

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