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Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beans (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Rating: 10.00 in 2 ratings
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Jackie Milton (11/24/2015 10:41pm):
Little low-funds map. May be played in fog or not. Should be played in snow or rain
(Preferably snow for steel-ness and unit rushing). Funds at 1, Ban the yoozh +Olaf, Sturm,
Drake and Rachel and Sami, of course. Lash (and Kindle) may be OP here, but maybe the
roads counter this?
Also, can Koal be broken? If so, this is a map he would break. I welcome your applause
(and your loathing).

(The "GG" stands for "Green Giant was an inside job")
Last Edited on 11/25/2015 07:45am
a9977321 (11/27/2015 11:11am):
Snow battle, good idea.
a9977321 (12/01/2015 09:13pm):
Maybe why I do not choose to march along the road is that it provides no cover, and if
you discover what I am going to do you can easily lock the chokepoint with infs and use
artilleries to drive me away...... But it can be used in a rush/strike when enemy does not
notice your plan. So what players may do is just put some infs&recons on cities watching
out for road invasions, and fight on the right for those centred cities.
Xmo5 (10/19/2016 09:32am):
I've determined this map isn't shiny enough. Try some of these:


Or alternatively:


And finally, a bonus image that was in the same google search:


Alright kids, off to school. No more of this hippy dippy stuff, you nutjobs.
Xmo5 (10/19/2016 09:33am):
Hey! That last image was from Quora! Quora is awesome! It's like Yahoo answers, except
people actually have credentials and know what they're talking about.
Everdan (08/30/2017 12:58am):
Quora used to be awesome. It's gotten really trashy over the last year or so.
Xmo5 (09/28/2017 11:02pm):
Yeah, it's definitely gone downhill in a lot of ways. They changed a lot about how the site works and it
stopped encouraging good answers as much. It also suffered from a massive influx of logical fallacies
posed as questions, particularly in the political and religious categories, but also in science (probably as
an extension of politics). It makes it difficult to follow a lot of the topics that interest me without being
flooded by inane, but inevitably answered, questions.

Doesn't stop me from reading, however. A writer by the name of Eric Lowe has some *awesome* answers
about both Star Wars and HEMA. He's super knowledgeable and fairly underappreciated.

Also, that comic makes me laugh every time. xD

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