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2016, B!tches (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
Categories: A-Rank

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Jackie Milton (01/01/2016 02:36am):
It's 2016
Unless you're Chinese
Or another nationality that has a funky calendar.
(submit to Western influence already)

With the new year, many see new horizons. Therefore, to celebrate these horizons, here is
a high-funds naval map.
Please play at 1.5k,
Ban the usual and drake/kindle/sturm.
Unit bans are stealth, b-bomb, Mega Tank, Neotank, and Rockets.
Lab units are fighter and bomber (and maybe Md. Tank if you want to promote naval more).
Fog or no fog.

I think my FTA counter is correct enough, but whatever. The choky ports function as
primarily offensive ports while the others are more defensive. The land ports are a dumb
idea of mine, so you can build a B-Ship or a Carrier (I want to see how it goes). This is,
in a way a two base vs. base and airport setup, but units may ship across the waters to
support where they need to. Teams can missle-lock (note: they cannot carrier-lock) their
enemie's airport, but artillery may easily repel this (feature, not bug)

(The "M" stands for "MMXVI")
start (01/01/2016 05:49pm):
There are some symmetry errors with the pipes in the middle of the map.

EDIT: I was probably joking, but rockets parked on each lab actually are in range of very
different things. That's likely inconsequential, but I feel smart pointing it out. The "problem"
could be fixed by replacing the ghosted ports with labs, and planting mountains in the empty
spaces in the 2 and the 6.

I don't mean to nitpick, though—this map is great. The notion of map-specific settings is really
clever, and I'm curious to see how those distant airports play out.

(The "C" stands for "Counter", which is the negative space in a letterform)

Last Edited on 01/01/2016 10:50pm
Jackie Milton (01/03/2016 12:56am):
Thank you for your comments.

I know it's a little messy and a little choky, which isn't great for a naval map, but I'd
like to see how it goes. As for the symmetry, what can ya do? both are reachable by
b-boats in one turn from the port, and rockets are banned, so I don't see it as being a
huge ordeal. The biggest difference would be battleship locking the labs, but it would be
silly to keep a B-Ship on a non-ghost port. (I did forget 2 reefs, though)

(The "H" stands for "Hey, this is my thing...")
start (01/03/2016 03:16am):
No argument here. Looks like a really fun map.

(The "T" stands for "To be honest, I didn't notice that rockets were banned. But the fact that they
are banned might make it very expensive to unseat a landlocked battleship owned by Rachel or
Lash. I'm assuming Javier is banned. Up for a game?")

Last Edited on 01/03/2016 09:44am
Xmo5 (01/05/2016 11:38am):
Looks pretty cool overall, though the bases on the land front feel close. I'd personally
swap the locations of the tower and the lone base. It might also be worthwhile shifting
the mountains around a bit to allow a couple of options through the front. Right now the
front is a little thin and only has one path so options are limited. Granted, I realize
this is meant to be a heavy naval map, but that's no excuse to make the land front
anything less than stellar. :)

(The A stands for "since I guess Anyone can do this, I'll just Add that the single
Asymmetrical silo bothers me and I think you should put A bunch more :P")
Nyvelion (09/21/2016 04:46pm):
2016 bitches?
Why would anyone need that many bitches?
Jackie Milton (09/23/2016 11:19pm):
Maybe I need that many to correct my grammar...

(The "," stands for "oops, my bad")
Jackie Milton (10/23/2016 01:02pm):
Hmm... rereading that, I don't think that was exactly what I meant to say. So to clarify, you are not one of
or equivalent to 2016 b!tches of whom would be correcting my grammar. Words and stuff, they're hard,
kids. So uh, I guess another day in the life of *bellowed voice* "Captain Miscommunication"

(The "C" stands for "Captain")
Xmo5 (12/05/2016 09:54pm):
"Words and stuff, they're hard, kids."

Truth, and them be no better with the age. I still got in the problem of stuff mixed up the words too.
Meaning of which the things cloudy scrambled are most usual.
Jackie Milton (01/01/2017 11:03am):
Nice way to fuck it up, 2016.

(The "H" stands for "Happy new year")

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