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HyperSeas credit (Design Map by the-map-making-shadow)
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light

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Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
the-map-making-shadow (01/06/2016 06:31am):
I made this map of what I thought that Hyperseas map (maps_id=68128) would be at first
sight. Of course all credit go to him. This one is a bit more naval focussed. More space
for big ships(can reach all but 16 tiles), no land connection, a strating black boat, more
properties and only 2 bases. The islands are so close to each other, that you might
consider invading the other side. For those who do want to, I provided a black boat. OS
can use thier black boat earlier than BM. However at day 2 BM will have their black boat
at a favourable position(it can reach the other side) and it will have more fuel left.
start (01/06/2016 01:07pm):
How did you make this so quickly?? Is there a way to clone maps?
Last Edited on 01/06/2016 01:08pm
Everdan (01/09/2016 01:20pm):
looks pretty good, I like the way the island chains are set up - landers will be a necessity, which is nice. As
narrow as the seas are, I doubt you'll see much of a naval battle, but it is nice that a battleship / carrier can
penetrate far into enemy territory, which makes them somewhat useful at least.

You may want to consider adding an additional base, because the funds are rather high for 2 airports and 2

map looks pretty decent otherwise, cheers~
the-deadly-shadow (08/21/2016 02:51pm):
First of all I would say that this is meant to be a heavy naval map (or heavy air) and
with an extra base
there will be to much infantry spam. That could even mean blocking a lot of landing
spots, making naval invasion harder. Infantry can meatshield AA against bomber, making
bombers less useful.

Another good naval unit might be the cruiser early on. This map will see quite some
battle copters early on. Since AA has limited movement, the fighter gains use. However that
gives a rock-paper-scissor system of battlecopter-fighter-cruiser. The advantage of the
cruiser over the AA is being able to transport copters and being produced at the front line.

I donĀ“t know about carriers. Maybe they are to powerful here and should be banned, or they
can be beaten by stealths and black bombs.
Last Edited on 08/21/2016 03:36pm
ErwinRommel (03/29/2017 08:27am):
is there an unsymmetric terrian on the South-west of the map? I think It would be better if the "sea" is switched by "beach"...

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