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Hannibal (Design Map by Battle_Copter)
Categories: New

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Battle_Copter (08/10/2017 06:43am):
A map inspired by Baelor and infused with the Hanzhe aesthetic. Not sure how it'll play but looks pretty.

P.S. The arty is there to stop early HQ rushes. Delete at your own risk.
Last Edited on 08/10/2017 08:39am
Hanzhe^4 (08/10/2017 03:13pm):
Wut this looks way better than my boring 2p maps x).

7/10 for creative gameplay, with the base positioning and extra elements. However some areas might be
chocky, especially in the center due to the city placements, but the tower, airport and the side open fronts
could help with that. The river passage for the top-right/bottom-left base is also interesting. Anyblah, some
game-tests and some changes (if any problems is found) should perfect this map. Which is just about what I
would say to everything since a game-play is better than me making comments about things that may or
may not be true.

(and when I perfer stuffs to be tested, it's usually because the map is too complex or just flawless.)

(nah im jus lazy)
Last Edited on 08/10/2017 03:19pm
Hanzhe^4 (08/10/2017 03:17pm):
Blah blah, nice job, blah, blah blah, blah blah blah. Game-test this, blah.

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