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Grasslands (Design Map by MrPibbs)
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MrPibbs (03/13/2016 02:10am):
This map is heavily inspired by the Stronghold 2 multiplayer map "Grasslands." I had a load of fun playing that
map in that game and tried to transfer it here. That being said, this is my first map and I am new to this site. Any
and all feedback is welcome and appreciated. A few explanations:

-While the 4 corner countries start quite a bit further from the juicy center, they do start with the advantage of
having fewer fronts, and those few fronts being quite close together.
-Yes, the sea and navies are quite shoehorned in, but I am a big fan of navies in the AW games and really
wanted to include them, even in this emaciated form.
-The pipes represent the inevitable castle walls that would be built throughout the game, and the starting artillery
are the archers/crossbowmen atop the keep.
-I am completely at a loss as to the fairest way to make turn order, and what FTB should be, or if I should add
any at all. Suggestions?

This is built to be a long, drawn out war with heavy duty units on all sides, much like this map went down in SH2.
a9977321 (03/23/2016 11:19am):
If it's a team game, by managing team properly (e.g. ABBAABBA) you do not need FTA
counters. In the case of FFA, I suggest giving the players last to move an inf on the base.
I wonder whether there are too many bases, and there can be more shoals.

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