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'~USA- (Design Map by ahanzhe1)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 6.00 in 7 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
ahanzhe1 (05/30/2016 08:55am):
USA (And other contries)
It's not perfectly balanced, especially for TG & YC, and I'll probably make a lot of changes in the future.

I tried to let YC have more cities since it only have one base per front, but I might just isolate it instead.
And It would be better to play this in $1500 per turn or higher.
Last Edited on 05/30/2016 09:02am
Nyvelion (06/02/2016 01:27pm):
I've always wanted to swim around the northern border of the USA.
ahanzhe1 (06/02/2016 02:30pm):
:D I was lazy, so I just replaced Canada with sea tiles.
CCCP (06/14/2016 10:03pm):
You should at least put pipes in place where Canada would be, because you don't want a battle ship sailing
through your country. Canada would be pissed off if battle ships just sailed right through their country.
Bamboozle (07/24/2016 02:28am):
Obviously this is an advanced global warming scenario where Canada ended
up being completely engulfed by mother nature after Trump abolished the
ahanzhe1 (08/11/2016 06:41pm):
Sadly, Canada has to stay like this until all games on this map has ended.
Xmo5 (08/14/2016 08:16am):
Also, I love how Mexico is part of the USA here. It's like the map doesn't know if it wants to be USA or North
America, but its really confused about it, considering it's called USA, but contains countries that are not part of the
US (Mexico, Cuba, etc.), lacks some parts of the US (Alaska, Hawaii), and omits the other country that would merit
it a "North America" title (Canada). :P
Meta Rexy (08/11/2018 02:10pm):

This belongs in the geographical category. And I like this map it's
decently balanced!

EDIT: From what I've seen so far, Yellow could certainly use a more open set of shoals in
Florida to allow more efficient shuttling of ground units to the mainland. Perhaps adding
a shoal or two beside Yellow's HQ can allow landers to drop off ground units in one trip
as well.

California looks horribly squished, and Teal suffers for it. Adding a little more space
there (and spacing his bases farther apart so infantry from the southern base aren't
restricted in their movement by the northern base) should improve it a little. Teal's
southern base can also get artillery locked by Green...
Last Edited on 08/17/2018 04:18pm

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