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01 sneak,rush or defend (Design Map by coffeedream)
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a9977321 (06/08/2016 12:15am):
You need predeployed units or preowned bases for a normal game......
Xmo5 (06/08/2016 10:09am):
It reminds me of this masterpiece:

Jackie Milton (06/09/2016 08:20pm):
Sneak is for the weak,
The losers, and the meek.

Rush makes shove from push,
And your troops will turn to mush

Defend until the end;
No funds you'll have to spend.

But then again,
Maybe I should hush,
Until this map you tweak.

Xmo5 (06/09/2016 10:57pm):
Very nicely executed. I love the unique rhyme scheme.
Nyvelion (06/10/2016 05:04pm):
Too many chokepoints. Forests should be more spread out rather than all in the center.
Remove two of the bases on each side. And connect the sea by changing plains to shoals so
that transports will be viable. Then this map will deserve 10/10.
Xmo5 (06/10/2016 06:25pm):
Listen to Nyvelion, she knows what she's talking about and much less lazy than I am, consider she actually gave
you practical advice.
Jackie Milton (06/10/2016 09:20pm):
"But that was just a dream,
Try, cry, why try
That was just a dream,

(The "R" stands for "R.i.p. coffeedream (2016-2016)")
Nyvelion (05/24/2018 03:52pm):
I don't know about the much less lazy part.
Usually the only thing that inspires me is some jerk telling me I can't do something.
On the positive side, that almost always works. When some jerk tells me I can't do
something, I usually succeed at doing what I otherwise probably wouldn't have ever done.

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