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7 on 1 (Design Map by ???revived)
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Rating: 6.79 in 38 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
???revived (05/23/2005 06:49pm):
Comon, vote and Comment! This is not the same as 1 on 7, in fact I didn't realize that map
existed until I made this one.
Dullahan (05/24/2005 11:41pm):
Personally, I think this map is more visually appealing than "1 on 7" ^_^
I have some of the same issues with this map, however:
The 7 countries need far more neutral properties. Otherwise, OS, YC, GE, and BM are going
to be strapped for funds. I like the distribution of neutral properties between the
opposing sides. Maybe there could be a few more airports in the middle so that BD will
actually have a chance to get a hold of an airport (the 2 neutral airports are going to be
captured by RF and GS if they are competent players).

Conclusion: Nice concept, great choice of terrain, add more neutral properties on the left
side of the map, add another airport or 2 near BD. 7/10.
AzureDrag0n1 (09/29/2005 02:20am):
I think there might be some balance in here if you factor in CO powers. 7 CO powers
agianst. Ah but if there is no team battle so that friendly powers don't hurt each other
then BH wouldn't have such a major advantage over all 7. Imagine 7 Olafs or 7 Drakes. I
think more properties down the middle of the map would make it better.
Shadow Star (12/05/2005 09:18pm):
-2 BM, OS, YC, GE will have trouble for lack of funds.
-1 most bridges are to key points. too many cities near them, also neutralize some of BH's
territory, they start out with a little too much. maybe take away two from each of the areas.

nice terrain spread. although the mountains could be more then clumped together.

AdvanceBurns37 (12/14/2005 09:22pm):
Nice map! I always agree with Shadow Star!
DragonBlade (12/18/2005 08:53am):
blue moon and orange star are blocked by amber fire and grey sky - this will result in
sending their units from their hq as the other teams would have the bases further out in the
map, and also will suffer little fund income.
Last Edited on 12/18/2005 08:54am
limbofix (12/28/2005 06:54am):
what most i do
i don't understand the game
can someone help my?¿

gunner1138 (06/27/2006 01:02pm):
ANOTHER 7vs1 map with everyone against BH.

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