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Super Snipe Land 1.3 (Design Map by AdvancedSlug)
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Rating: 1.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
AdvancedSlug (07/14/2016 07:21pm):
This map is designed to always be played in Fog of War. Of course, Sonja should always be banned
but maybe Grit shouldn't be banned all the time.
3 human-units to try and capture the enemy base as spies or use them as regular soldiers. I also
believe the pipes add extra strategy which gives your team a shortcut to and from your base but also a
opening for your opponent(s).
Last Edited on 10/30/2016 11:55pm
a9977321 (07/14/2016 07:38pm):
Sonja's COP here is broken, but one thing to remember is that Sonja is weak in Day to Day
a9977321 (07/14/2016 07:39pm):
Sensei and Hachi can get some units out of their cities as well.
Lash is good in this map.
And don't forget that Kanbei is the No.1 Ban in predeployed units battle.
Last Edited on 07/14/2016 07:41pm
Xmo5 (07/14/2016 09:40pm):
Grit, Hachi, Kanbei, Sturm, Sonja, Lash, and probably Eagle should be banned here.

Also, adding a lot of forests to a map is actually a really bad thing for FoW play because the fewer units you can see, the less
you can make up a good strategy and it either turns into a bunch of units mindlessly hacking away at each other, making no
progress in either direction, or a major standoff and/or stalemate where nobody will advance enough to find an enemy unit
because they'll get bombed into oblivion in the counterattack, now that they're exposed. It's also really hard to break through
lines with heavy terrain, and in conjunction with the lack of visibility, it means offensive moves are actually going to cause you
more damage than you'll deal in your attack.

Lastly, massive amounts of predeployed units are a worst case scenario for FTA. OS, for example, gets to pick off a BM
rocket on Day 1 with no counterattack and then pick all the cozy spots to defend first. Before you ask, no, you can't make an
effective FTA counter because the very nature of an FTA counter depends on your ability to predict the opening move of each
player with exacting precision. You determine what equals "half" a move and you give it to the player that moves second. This
is why you get an infantry for BM on maps with two bases and 3k starting income: Everyone's always going to build 2 infantry
on Day 1 so a single infantry counter is perfect to split the FTA 50/50. Here, there are so many possibilities of what each
player can do with their units that it's impossible to predict exactly what they will do on Day 1. To top it off, even if you could,
and you gave GE and YC FTA counters, the vast array of options available to each player means they can and will use a
different opening approach if GE/YC have FTA counters. This means the opening moves changed and your counter is no
longer valid. Change it again, and you just made a different opening move optimal for OS, etc. etc. and you'll never achieve a
perfect counter. This is why we avoid massive armies of predeployed units: They screw with balance... hard.
a9977321 (07/15/2016 03:39am):
The lack of vision makes it impossible for OS to fully have an FTA. I think the FTA may not
be a really broken issue.
But there are too few non indirect units. Should we use artilleries and rockets to spy those
forests? Also I will not put my mech or inf on the division mountains as it will get killed at
liandry (07/15/2016 05:46am):
Even though almost every unit here has low vision, OS can still reach all the good sniping spots first, is what I think
Xmo5 (07/15/2016 09:09am):
FTA always exists. On some maps it's worse than others and in some game conditions it's
worse than others, but it's there. Predeployed maps like this are one of the most
exaggerated forms of FTA, so even if you want to argue "lack of vision detracts from OS's
FTA potential", I'm going to say something like "A little bit less than a lot of FTA is
still a lot of FTA." The goal should not be to become comfortable with varying degrees of
FTA, but rather to design around it as best as possible to begin with. This means that
predployed units should be used with discretion.
Tmi489 (10/24/2016 09:55pm):
Here's what I'd do:
- Have reinforcements blocked by seams, with some anti-ranged like tanks.
- A weak income (50) and a mountain blocked base so that infantries can eventually win.
- More APC's
- Shoals near HQ's, so you can black boat it up,

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