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Tower Scramble (Design Map by Everdan)
Categories: New

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Rating: 10.00 in 2 ratings
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Everdan (08/09/2016 09:57am):
Credits for inspiration go to Xmo. (thanks man!)

The idea is that the map starts off choky and defensive, but as you gradually get up to 3 towers per side it
starts getting easier and easier to attack. So, someone like Max who might struggle in the early game could be
good in the late game (with 3 towers, Max's tanks do 125% base damage to infantry - meaning you can reliably
KO them even on woods.)

It's highly experimental in nature, so it might not be fully balanced. I'll edit as necessary.

CO notes:
1. Ban Javier.
2. Lash is high tier, possibly top tier.
3. Sami is high tier.
4. Kindle could be mid tier.
Last Edited on 08/09/2016 01:04pm
Xmo5 (08/09/2016 12:51pm):
Hey, it was as much your idea as it was mine! Give yourself some credit. :)
wyj_0081 (12/15/2017 01:47am):

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