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[Capture the Lab] Diamond Canal (Design Map by Chiku)
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Chiku (09/04/2016 03:47am):
Starter Funds: 0
No Fog.

-.-.-.-.-.-.-This map is not about capturing HQ to win.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

-.*- How to Win -*.-

Capturing all if the labs automatically ends the game.

-.*- Intel -*.-

__A bombed canal site. Bridges have been destroyed, roads have
been ruined, buildings shattered, halting the advance of your tanks.
Fortunately the navy arrived just in time to transport your troops
there but it looks like you're not the only one there. Secure every
domination point!

-.*- What is Capture the Lab? -*.-

__This is a game mode that I came up with where there are three
pairs of labs in the center. Half of those labs belong to one team so
they're neutral. They are control points that you capture and defend
until you have captured every control point, hence the name
"Capture the Lab."

I picked labs because the wiki says that "If there is no HQ on a map
then losing all the labs will result in a loss." This gave me the idea to
turn labs into control points. If you control all three pairs, the game
will end.

-.*- How do I play Capture the Lab? -*.-

__Capture every lab in the center of the map. You have only one
rally point from which vehicles will spawn at. Use helicopters to
quickly capture control points and use your vehicles to back them
up. You can not defeat the other team by capturing their base, their
spawning point. (because then it wouldn't be Domination anymore.)

TL;DR capture all the labs in the middle to win.

Based on this map: imgur.com/fXNW3zB

Last Edited on 06/04/2017 03:06pm
Chiku (09/04/2016 09:55am):

Last Edited on 09/04/2016 09:57am
Dreadnought (10/02/2016 12:19am):
I personally liked the old version more... This version has more problems with FTA
Dreadnought (10/02/2016 12:22am):
Also just realized without bases if both teams simply kill their opponents infantry and mechs this game will
Chiku (10/02/2016 01:13am):
The reason why I placed lots of pre-deployed units and no bases is
so that only one team would win, so that there would be no

Deleted all of the pre-deployed units, except for two infantry. Placed
the bases back, just as in the old version.

Will make OS and BM switch places in the next update.
Last Edited on 10/02/2016 07:38pm
Tmi489 (10/02/2016 12:35pm):
If you displace OS's lander, replace the T-Copter with a lander, and give 2 infantries
to BM, FTA should be fixed.

And add shoals/mountain'd base on the far side/corners. Labs having a 1-2 space gap
for exposing them more.

I'd also add more cities around the map, so you aren't practically fundless outside of your starting
Last Edited on 10/02/2016 12:42pm
Chiku (10/02/2016 04:59pm):
I did spread out some cities on the map in a previous version, but
that was the version Dreadnought was talking about. I wasn't sure if
he was referring to the roads, the cities, or the massive amount of
pre-deployed units. (21)
Tmi489 (10/02/2016 08:14pm):
Cities allow units to be built, other than mechs and infantries. It was the pre-deployed
units, I think he was talking about. Cities allow the upper hand to be gained with stronger
units over time.

The corners are useless, and you don't want that in any map.
Chiku (10/02/2016 11:53pm):
The top-right and bottom-left corners? Any land outside of the
diamond mainland is only cosmetic. Just like in this map: http://imgur.com/fXNW3zB every
action takes place inside the diamond.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to put cities up there. Should I really
make use of the corners?
Last Edited on 04/04/2017 08:04am
Chiku (10/03/2016 03:35pm):
Update: Cities are back for now. Labs are 2 spaces further away
from each other.
Last Edited on 10/03/2016 03:36pm
Tmi489 (10/03/2016 04:11pm):
You should also ban Sensei (too powerful, can spawn infantries on cities).
Maybe Sami should be banned from easy capping of labs.
Colin and Kanbei are normally banned in games, as well.

For AWBW, you should use every space of the map as possible. Cities allow more interesting
fronts to be made, and more ways to battle. Even a port/base surrounded by forests would be a nice touch.
Last Edited on 10/03/2016 04:14pm
Chiku (04/06/2017 12:21pm):
Ok so I finally figured out how to make use of the corners.

The corners will have pre-deployed units on them, and they can be rescued with a boat.
Chiku (06/04/2017 01:51pm):
Better idea: The corners will have ghosted airports that work as cities that only heal planes.
Last Edited on 06/04/2017 01:55pm
Dreadnought (07/19/2017 01:59am):
I must admit I liked the earlier version of this map with no rivers/properties besides labs beyond the start
and the smaller starting area a lot more.
Chiku (02/04/2018 11:06pm):

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