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The REAL Real (real real real) Grand Tank Massacare (Design Map by Tmi489)
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Tmi489 (09/04/2016 11:59pm):
It's my thing to remake makes with cool concepts, right?
Based on: http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=11995
Starting Funds: 22k
Funds: 0
Can be FFA or Teams in mostly any order.

Ban Kanbei, Hachi, Sensei. Javier/Mass damage CO's can be allowed. Every country has 3-4 tank's worth in
healing, and 2 cities.

OS: Power in numbers! 55 tanks.
BM: Also power in numbers? 46 tanks and a bit better terrain.
GE: A hybrid of mostly numbers, and power. 37 tanks, 1 comm tower, 1 MD Tank.
YC: More power than numbers, buta hybrid like GE. 26 tanks, 2 MD tank, 1 comm tower.
AB: Why have MD tanks when you have HUGE POWER? 24 tanks, 3 comm towers.
JS: Now we're at the start of the more powerful tanks. 12 tanks, 4 MD tanks, 2 comm towers.
PC: Pure Power! 8 MD tanks 1 mech, 2 infantry, 2 comm towers.
TG: The king, 3 comm towers, good terrain, 1 neotank, 2 mechs.

too lazy to update this
Last Edited on 09/06/2017 09:46pm
a9977321 (09/06/2017 02:42am):
After a game, I found TG too weak even as Javier, as PC can easily overpower him in the
1st strike.
If you ban Javier.....Well Tg can not survivie the 1st turn.
Artamiel (09/06/2017 11:08pm):
TG can have a Megatank instead
and some of other MDs can be replaced with some Neotank

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