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Floating Castle (Design Map by hanzhe)
Categories: Casual Play, Mixed Base

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hanzhe (10/08/2016 08:59pm):
Alright. I admit that I sucks at using sea tiles. This map started with all-sea-tiles and now 70% of it are
land tiles. So as you can 'sea', I used rivers a lot because, again, I sucks at making maps with sea tiles.
blozzee (10/09/2016 05:21am):
Looks choky though, Sami would be dangerous on this map.
Last Edited on 10/11/2016 04:11am
hanzhe (10/09/2016 01:21pm):
Yep..It is a bit chocky even with multiple fronts. I'll try to test it to see if the HQs are too vulnerable.
walkerboh01 (11/06/2017 03:58am):
HQs definitely look too unprotected to me. I put it in Casual Play for that reason, but would upgrade to A-Rank if it
gets updated.

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