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Dying in the Woods (Design Map by Jackie Milton)
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Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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Jackie Milton (10/16/2016 09:09pm):
My 7th in a series of Black Metal themed maps.

Too few times has a map been filled with the "fill forest" button. I dare say far fewer than those filled by
mountains. A quite lonely button if you think about it. There it sits, waiting for someone to give it a
purpose, to give it life. But so often is it overlooked, unneeded. Why be a button if no one needs you?
Why live? No one has the heart to remove it. So there it sits unpressed, stagnate, useless, dying...

(The "L" stands for "Ladies and gentlemen, the essence of black metal")
hanzhe (10/17/2016 08:34pm):
Sooooo.....Black-mtel Wait I meant meatal..I mean, metaled.
I totally apologizes for spelling black-meatl wrong.

I mean...black-metal. Of course.

Nyvelion (10/20/2016 08:56am):
Besides the obvious reason of dying fabrics in the woods so that you don't have to clean
up the mess like if you did it at home, I find that nature brings out color better than
incandescent lights, so you can truly appreciate the vibrant contours.
Xmo5 (10/20/2016 12:25pm):
You just gotta get those fancy "daylight" bulbs that supposedly emit the same frequencies
of light as normal sunlight. We put a really bright one in our bedroom in our apartment
before we moved and it was blinding... you could clearly see the light shining through
into the hallway, even during the day and with the other lights on... O_O

Of course, that had nothing to do with the daylight frequencies portion, but you get the idea.

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