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So shabby (Design Map by Slame)
Categories: New, Teleport Tile

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Rating: 6.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Slame (01/29/2017 06:27am):
Will it be a little chokey?
Last Edited on 07/12/2018 01:49pm
semiflyer (01/29/2017 10:12am):
Maybe atries play an more important part than my expectation`
Everdan (01/29/2017 10:50am):
The terraining is fine as it is. The map encourages a healthy mix of arties and tanks, which is always nice.
Meta Rexy (07/26/2018 07:18pm):
I find it interesting that random sea units are stranded in the map. I do wish that we had
the Days of Ruin bridges that naval units could travel on, though, because that would make
this so much cooler if there were like hidden paths the ships could take. :)

The map encourages more artillery use with the pipe seams to open up a new path along the
comm towers, as well as to dispatch of pesky naval shields that block more efficient paths
to the front.
The airports will take forever to use, however, and I suspect they will mostly be used to
break stalemates.
Slame (07/28/2018 01:33am):
Maybe you are right.
I need to check whether my settings work well.
Last Edited on 08/07/2018 04:45am
Meta Rexy (07/29/2018 02:10pm):
Seeing our test game so far leads me to think this map is indeed very chokepoint heavy.
The northeast and southwest portions of the map become crucial to control because if you
lose them, your opponent can block the teleport tiles so that you must funnel your units
through the chokepoint obscured by the black boat, and while this happens your base can
get artillery locked, and your HQ threatened too.
I like the convoluted paths because they make this map unique, but I think you may need to
move the weak base back a bit out of artillery range so your opponent cannot pressure it
so easily after taking map control, or removing some of the woods on the path to your HQ
to help defend it more easily and prevent your opponent from focusing on artillery locks.
Last Edited on 07/29/2018 02:13pm
Slame (08/07/2018 12:41pm):
Artillery locks and other settings seems a bit inappropriate.
Can 2 tower make it can be easy to attack?
Meta Rexy (08/08/2018 11:14pm):
Absolutely. Just look at our game on this map. Wallbreaking is easy when 2 towers gives
you crucial 2HKOs against Infantry and tank fights on cities, not to mention OHKOs on
infantry on plains with artillery, though that's more of a bonus.

I also wonder what made you decide a cruiser on the path towards the HQ. Was it to
discourage players from opening that path up earlier on? I realize in our test game that
by destroying your cruiser I gave you a massive amount of CO meter charge that let you
surprise me with consecutive COPs. If so, it's a good choice that should make players
pause and think twice about.

Slame (08/09/2018 01:36pm):
maybe 1 tower is enough.
and the reason of this kind of cruiser setting is as you said.

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