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Up In The Mountains (Design Map by StayTech)
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Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
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StayTech (02/12/2017 11:27pm):
Tell me what you think! I didn't really know how to counter FTA..

I found a symmetry mistake(one reef is missing) and also one BH infantry is not on the lab
but below. I already started games so I don't care for now, will change later though.

Also, maybe somebody can help me: Whenever I design a map that is larger than exactly this
size (It is 40x33), everything that I put on that is not a sea tile below the 33 line gets
deleted/disappears after saving. This was the largest I could go.
Finally does anyone have a working link to download other map maker programs, the ones in
the forum don't work anymore(?) =)
Last Edited on 02/12/2017 11:29pm
Hanzhe^4 (02/13/2017 12:51am):
You could probably find a post by (..I think) ruined shadows 'somewhere' in the forum that has the working
map-editor :)

Or try ruinedshadows.net or .com . I don't remember the exact link so hopefully it's the right one. xP
And yeah, the in-site editor is probably still bugged with large maps. Ask Xmo5 for more info. about it :)

Hanzhe^4 (02/13/2017 01:00am):
^It's ruinedshadows.com

And about the counters, just use normal 4p FFA counters while trying to keep OS and BM apart from each
other (same for YC and GE) since they have a slight difference in advantages, since one moves earlier than
the other and there isn't any good counter for it (I think).
And since it's 5 bases (again, I think) per player, you could just use 2 infantry + 1 preowned city (near one of
OS/BM's base) for YC and GE :)

And it might be better if some of the bases (the vertically centered ones, for example) aren't contested, since
the first player to move can always get them first. (Although having missles and close-nuetral bases do
increse the number of options so it might be fine anyways)
Last Edited on 02/13/2017 01:09am
StayTech (02/13/2017 05:18am):
Nice man the editor looks neat.

And thanks for the advice! The centered bases sure are a problem, it might work for BH or
TG if they both move their predeployed infantry to the base as well. But then again who
will do that =)

Xmo5 (02/13/2017 04:20pm):
Yeah, the site's map editor is buggy; any edits on tiles after 1333 aren't saved. You can
upload a new map that's larger, but any edits will not save after tile 1333. Similarly, if
you make a larger map in the editor, they will always be sea tiles because that is the
default when the map is generated.

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