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Straggling Streams (Design Map by lavagainer)
Categories: A-Rank

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Rating: 7.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
lavagainer (02/14/2017 06:07am):
May need to set recons to lab units here.
a9977321 (02/14/2017 08:34am):
Recons will never be a lab unit as the early recon assault is always an option in maps
like this where recons can get to the front quickly.
Haytham (02/17/2017 10:15am):
firstly the cities are not an
average.secondly.javier and sturm will
be weird on this map even if that is
for von-bolt
observerandhost (02/17/2017 11:13am):
Didn't think this map is broken for sturm
The terrian is moderate. The terrian penalty for tanks are not that much considering
the distribution of forests. I think it a nice map. And I will rank a 8.
Just as I said before, recon assault can be an option in non-FOW games.
CCCP (02/17/2017 03:06pm):
There are roads? Koal is now over powered.
Everdan (02/20/2017 01:23am):
Amber Blaze has an extra city near the airport. please fix.
lavagainer (02/20/2017 03:28am):
Edit: I fixed the symmetrical error and also added some more cities and an extra neutral
base for both sides.
Last Edited on 04/02/2017 02:57am

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