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The Mega Factory (Design Map by shen150)
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shen150 (03/29/2017 08:36pm):
More changes to be made in the future:
-Remove 3 of the BH bases toward the middle to reduce infantry spam. (Meaning there is only one
base toward the middle for the North, South, and West)
-Remove the rockets and missiles in the middle.
-Reduce the infantry count in the middle from 5 to 3.
-Remove the 4 BH infantries diagonal of the airports.
-Replace the central com tower with city.
-Reduce the number of properties in the middle from 25 to 13.
-Remove the pre-deployed infantry on the bases for BH.
-Reduce the number of neutral properties around the sides of the factory.
-Move the BH airports in the North, South, and West further back so a fighter built on one cannot
camp the nearby allied airport.
-Place more neutral properties near OS, GE, and YC starting area.
-Change OS, GE, and YC pre-deployed units so that each player starts with 2 tanks and 2 artillery.
Last Edited on 05/07/2017 08:02am
ichbinsehselber (03/31/2017 08:55pm):
Edit: My change proposals were well integrated into the map. Thx.
Perhaps the remaining towers are still an issue, though. Especially if Javier is not banned.
Last Edited on 04/22/2017 01:05pm

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