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Snöw Globe (Design Map by Hanzhe^4)
Categories: A-Rank

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Hanzhe^4 (04/09/2017 10:19pm):
Snow Cannon
$5000, purchase-able only when weather is set to snow.

Weapon1: Snow Cannon
Weapon2: Snowballs

Range: 1, Direct, 2-3, Indirect
Ammo: Infinite

Movement Type: Tires, normal movement in snow.
Movement Power: 6
Fuel: 72

Weapon 1 Attack Powers:
60% as of artillery.

Weapon 2 Attack Powers:
60% as of recon.

Defense Powers:
Same as rocket.

The frosted country of Cobalt Ice invented this machine to adapt in their snowy land and to
fight off invaders while sometimes using them for snowball-fights. In fact, it was based on a snowball
machine that shoots snowballs, assumingly invented by some nerds. This machine is unaffected by snow and
mixes snow with explosives for its snow-cannon. However, since it uses snow as its main source of fuel and
ammo, it can only be deployed in snow biomes.
Last Edited on 04/09/2017 10:26pm
Hanzhe^4 (04/09/2017 10:21pm):
Play the map in snow, ban Lash and you-know-who.

And don't ask me how a machine runs on frozen water.
Last Edited on 04/09/2017 10:28pm
Xmo5 (04/10/2017 08:50am):
Awwww man, I had my sights set on playing as Voldemort on this one... of all the maps to
ban him on...

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