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Kilo Pipeline (Design Map by kilorodado)
Categories: New

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Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
kilorodado (04/27/2017 09:41pm):
A standard 1v1, starts out as a 3 lane combat with semi vulnerable airports. Devolves into an open
brawl as pipe seams are demolished, but with the core 3 lanes still important. I have no play testing
on this yet, but I recommend fog of war if you want to have more surprise pipe breaks. Ban whoever
you do not want to fight (aka the broken 5 usually). Tight spaces, so ban Rachel? any flaws pointed
out? and criticism is welcome.
Tmi489 (04/27/2017 11:06pm):
You see how much health each pipe has even in fog, so unless you are planning a 1 turn break
then there's no surprises until the army is bigger enough - by then pipes will be gone.
Xmo5 (04/29/2017 10:04pm):
Personally, I would move the neutral base back 1 space to both keep the line between them less direct,
and also discourage any odd openings with an infantry rush. Nobody can actually disrupt capture with
optimal play, but I think it would just be cleaner if it were 2 moves from the starting base. Also, I'd start
the FTA counter on that base, not the HQ.
joeli50 (10/06/2017 11:36am):
remove the factory near the tower
I can imagine army line up in middle and draw

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