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Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
mellon321 (05/12/2017 10:42pm):
looks just like your crt

only some things changed but who cares
mellon321 (05/12/2017 10:43pm):
also i got this idea before frdrks tank
shen150 (05/12/2017 10:43pm):
Why did this map make me think of the Tetris song?
Xmo5 (05/13/2017 03:26pm):
Is this like a map troll dick measuring competition? Like what's even happening here?
Jackie Milton (05/13/2017 07:14pm):
A map-troll-dick measuring competition. How well can YOU measure?
Friedr1k (05/14/2017 11:24am):
evr1 knws i msr tha mst hv u sn my tnk shs gt a bg blck cnnn
Xmo5 (05/15/2017 06:06am):
I personally wouldn't brag about having measured the most... and I'm not sure how you keep
finding so many willing volunteers.

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