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Mini-Map 17: Tides (Design Map by DocSpacebar)
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DocSpacebar (05/13/2017 12:02pm):
It hadn't really been properly tried before, so I tried to make a Mini-Map with heavy naval units. Now I know why
i hadn't tried it before: it's hard to fit proper funding for boats on a map like this! Rockets are also quite mobile in
the center, so hopefully the HQ vulnerability and the possibility of Battleships will lessen the effect of that. I'm not
sure, though; 20000 Funds to a side means that it will be much harder to fund a Battleship. Maybe I should add
another city between the bases, or some by the HQs or on those plains on the side islands? Possibly more T-

Critique is welcome as always.
Last Edited on 05/13/2017 12:03pm
Jackie Milton (05/14/2017 12:40am):
Pssh. "properly tried." Maybe not in the two base 1v1 sense, but I have tried it. very properly.
Friedr1k (05/14/2017 11:33am):
y ds evr1 lk bts
DocSpacebar (05/14/2017 01:00pm):
Whoops! I meant "properly tried by me".

@Friedrich: evr1 lks bts bcs Drk s th bst C
Jackie Milton (05/14/2017 01:55pm):
Carry on.
Friedr1k (05/14/2017 05:39pm):
u gys r bng dm

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