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Anchors Aweigh (Design Map by MIDN 4/C Plebe)
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MIDN 4/C Plebe (05/14/2017 09:59am):
Go Navy, sir.
Friedr1k (05/14/2017 11:22am):
u lk bts?
MIDN 4/C Plebe (05/14/2017 01:54pm):
And I cannot lie;
Midshipmen are persons of integrity
the-deadly-shadow (05/14/2017 02:15pm):
You cannot unload on gosted tiles, so you will not be able to unload in infantry at the
yellow ports and thus they can not be captured.

This is just an observation, I don't know if you should be happy with the consequences or not.
MIDN 4/C Plebe (05/14/2017 03:04pm):
You're right, thanks.
DocSpacebar (05/14/2017 04:05pm):
Wait a minute, you can't UNLOAD on ghosted tiles either? Crap, i need to change around some of my maps!
Friedr1k (05/14/2017 05:37pm):
u cnt by a ghst in advnc wrs bt tht wud b cl
a9977321 (05/15/2017 02:25am):
You can not unload units onto the tiles ghosted, but your units can unload units from
there. So these properties can be
captured by unloading units onto the cities.
Xmo5 (05/15/2017 06:04am):
Correct. As a basic rule, anything that causes a unit to "spawn" on a space would be
blocked by ghosting, including unit production, Sensei SCOP, and unloading onto that
space. As was already mentioned, unloading from that space is fine.

Also, what's this about licking butts? That sounds pretty unhygienic if you ask me.

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