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Rating: 1.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
mellon321 (05/14/2017 01:13pm):
bm and ge team up with their megatanks of doom

why is general electric here anyway
kilorodado (05/14/2017 03:17pm):
but.... a bomber....
DocSpacebar (05/14/2017 04:04pm):
Those GE bases are useless with the BM megatanks on them.
Friedr1k (05/14/2017 05:39pm):
u 4gt blck hl so ur mp fls
Xmo5 (05/15/2017 06:02am):
Does BM even have an HQ? I see a lot of ghosted bases in the future...

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