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OOPS (Design Map by CCCP)
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CCCP (05/19/2017 04:13pm):
Please forgive me for taking an unintentional break, sadly I may
have ruined the games I was in. And as a gift
present this map.
I would suggest playing with fog on, because I made the "OOPS"
have mountains for infantry drops and thus
large vision bubbles. The carriers are in case people spam air units,
and prevents quick caps from Sami. And
since you have no ability to build more carriers, I gave you a port for
Ban the normal five, Jake (Uneven plains in the middle), and Sonja if
playing with Fog.
And of course ban B-bombs and stealths.
Last Edited on 05/19/2017 04:22pm
ichbinsehselber (05/19/2017 07:20pm):
As the map looks now it should not see much air in the center. The uncontested airport
belongs to the side which is not in the center.
Perhaps GE can get one of the 2 contested air ports. GE goes first at each contested air
port which seems a minor issue only as air does not seem very important on this map to me.
Then you add in the carriers further reducing the options for air units. If you are
concerned about a trans copter sneaking to the HQ a blackboat on the HQ is good enough.

My recommendation would be to make the airports uncontested and change the carrier to a
blackboat. This way the air units have a chance to be useful.
Last Edited on 05/19/2017 07:21pm
a9977321 (05/20/2017 08:53am):
Welcome back!!!!

For the map itself, air units can see much use if you use them to support the centre HQ.
Unless you move your carrier into middle air units can do a lot to support HQ.

Currently airports can be controlled by the side with corner HQ with ease.

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