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10 years later (Design Map by blackmap)
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blackmap (05/19/2017 04:44pm):
It's been almost 10 years since I've joined this site. I don't think I've made much
progress in my life since. Wasting my time on this planet tbh.

Also map is not balanced, as the reefs are not symmetrical.
Last Edited on 05/19/2017 04:50pm
observerandhost (05/20/2017 09:12am):
Much better than many other maps flooding this site for weeks.
i didn't know whether the assymetric position of properties in the corner favour any side
or not.
Jackie Milton (05/20/2017 10:26am):
Yes, well hopefully the inevitable doom of human existence will continue to slope toward a rather timely end.
Welcome back.

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