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daemon's survival (Design Map by dudeman33)
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Rating: 5.50 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
dudeman33 (05/19/2017 09:56pm):
the demon lord daemon has been pitting these nations against each other since the beggining of time
can you end this feud???
the-deadly-shadow (05/20/2017 01:11pm):
I think GE has quite a big disadvantage
dudeman33 (05/20/2017 04:23pm):
dudedueler33 (05/20/2017 05:08pm):
dont listen to em dudeman he's just jealous of your skill
CCCP (05/20/2017 07:32pm):
Does Dudeman have multiple personality disorder?
a9977321 (05/20/2017 11:01pm):
OS seems to enjoy a agood fund advantage, in the sense of total funds or starting funds.
For GE, they have less resource than BM.
the-deadly-shadow (05/22/2017 03:10am):
Not only have GE less properties on their side, also the position of properties is
disadvantaguous and there is FTA. Unless they use a transport, GE can capture their first
property on day 7, which is much later than BM. Off course they can use a transport, but
it is iconic(if that is the right therm in English) for how far their properties are. On
day 7, BM might have captured all their properties, while GE will have only captured 5.

@CCCP, I don't think dudeman33 has multiple personality disorder. I think dudedueler33 is
just a fake account trying to troll dudeman33..
Last Edited on 05/22/2017 03:46am
Xmo5 (05/22/2017 12:43pm):
So wait... we have dudeman33, other imitation troll accounts that are possibly (probably)
dudeman33, and now we have a fake troll account imitating and trolling dudeman33?

Is my head the only one spinning, or is that just the room?
Jackie Milton (05/22/2017 06:16pm):
It's a sham all are dudeman
Friedr1k (05/25/2017 06:51pm):
lol mnm gv me sm crdt im nt ddmn n u no tht mn
ZhugeTsuki (06/10/2017 09:33pm):
I'm positive it takes more effort to type like that than to just type out the full words.
the-deadly-shadow (06/28/2017 02:54pm):
I dnt no f thts crrct bt fftrll ur rght.

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