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dudeman's requiem (Design Map by dudeman33)
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Rating: 2.63 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
moonbug (07/13/2017 12:44am):
not only does OS get first turn advantage, he has 1 more T-copter, has a city in range of
his infantry, and can start capturing the airport on turn 2 while BM can only reach it on
turn 3. also those poor recon units... not a single road in sight for them to drive on.
ChrisRedfield (07/13/2017 09:24am):
Are you questioning Dudeman?!!?
datwill310 (07/13/2017 06:04pm):
I can see why he's gone as OS anywho...
CCCP (07/21/2017 08:21pm):
I'm gonna win as BM if it takes me a lifetime, you hear me
dudeman33? DO YOU HEAR ME?
Pika Rizard (09/03/2017 10:09am):
I just win dudeman33 on this map. I don't know why he resign...
Last Edited on 09/03/2017 10:09am

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