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Flame War (Design Map by Xmo5)
Categories: New, Under Review

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Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
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Xmo5 (07/19/2017 12:30pm):
My grandma and your grandma
Were sittin' by the fire
My grandma told your grandma
"I'm gonna set your flag on fire."

My grandma and your grandma
Are pyros who can't rhyme so
My grandma and your grandma
Try to end each line with fire-o

Talkin' 'bout
Hey now, hey now
Hey now, hey now
I-ko I-ko ai ay
I don't know what I'm s'posed to say
But I know it rhymes with fir-ay

My grandma and your grandma
Want to start a flame war
And gave themselves the fitting names:
Amber Blaze and Red Fi-or

Talkin' bout
Hey now, hey now
Hey now, hey now
I know, I know you lie
You call yourself a fan of Game of Thrones
But never read A Song of Ice and Fi'e


Ahem, sorry... that just kinda burst out of me. Between someone reminding me of that song
today, making me realize that they literally rhymed fire with fire, and the fact that
slant rhymes have come up in discussion recently, I just sort of... broke.... rhymes...
and started a flame war in the process. (To be clear, I don't watch Game of Thrones, nor
have I read the ASOIAF series and I have no strong opinions about either, but feel free to
latch on and escalate to proper flame-war proportions)

Anyway, the map is a little odd, I think, and I definitely started getting dizzy staring
at it by the end, so I probably made a bunch of dumb mistakes I never caught. Feel free to
point out said dumb mistakes or otherwise provide insight or advice you feel may be useful
on the never-ending road to perfection. :D

Oh, and by the way, you suck.

Everdan (07/19/2017 03:02pm):
base positioning is very interesting. HQs seem vulnerable, but might be fine as it is.
Xmo5 (07/19/2017 03:05pm):
I originally had them more protected, but I decided I didn't like that as much and exposed
them a good bit more to make them more viable targets.
Xmo5 (07/19/2017 03:07pm):
Oops, forgot I was logged into my other account.

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