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Spann Island Day 7 (Design Map by bazwhooper)
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Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
bazwhooper (07/21/2017 06:59am):
For 6 days you've saved diligently, and you're finally ready to buy your mega tank. But what's this? Your opponent
has copied your winning strategy! What will you do now?
Xmo5 (07/21/2017 08:49am):
Not sure I'd call that a "winning strategy".

If your opponent weren't dumb enough to copy you, they could have wiped you off the map
instead. Buying just 4 infantry on day one will leave you with 12 income by the start of
Day 7, which equates to 10k extra funding by the end of Day 6 (when you buy the megatank)
or 17k more on Day 7. They'd also have made enough money to purchase 8 artillery by then,
the first of which could already be in firing range of any (or all) OS base(s) by the time
the megatank is built. Needless to say, 8 arties beat 1 megatank any day of the week, not
even accounting for the income and momentum disparities.

Yeah, yeah, I know... It's not meant to be taken seriously and I dug way to far into this,
but hey, that's what I do. :P
Hanzhe^4 (07/21/2017 04:32pm):

There's a sea tile to the right of the river tile.
the-deadly-shadow (07/21/2017 04:41pm):
Yeah, where is the reef?
dudeman33 (07/23/2017 04:49pm):
this map sucks

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