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Sleepless (Design Map by popopopose)
Categories: New

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popopopose (07/23/2017 03:00pm):
I`m tired but I can`t help laughing.
So sad a tale.
Xmo5 (07/24/2017 09:10am):
This looks really nice.
Hanzhe^4 (07/24/2017 06:45pm):
walkerboh01 (07/25/2017 12:07am):
I would give the two base side a meaner capture phase. Having two cities within one turn of the base is a little too
much of a gift for P2.
popopopose (07/25/2017 01:58am):
Thank all of you!!!
Then I will do some change after these test games.
GaugeInterest (08/11/2017 12:13pm):
Map is not symmetric. The woods at the upper-right corner aren't matched.
popopopose (08/22/2017 12:13pm):
oh! Thank you!
I'll fix it.

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