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Delivery & Boiler (Design Map by popopopose)
Categories: A-Rank

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popopopose (07/25/2017 02:05am):
When I designed the map, AWBW was down.
When AWBW awoke, I was in the hospital, actually, in the place of delivery ,only
seeking something to drink.
So what will happen next?
Hanzhe^4 (07/25/2017 11:16pm):
*sigh* Nobody has commented about the map yet so I can't just say "^" this time.

Okaaaaaaaaay. The bases/airports setup seems very interesting, they are a bit far away from the fronts and
base on the map size and the property distances the games should have an "epic battle" type of pace. I can't
really find any problems, partly becuz I'm too lazy to count the props., so nice job.
Hanzhe^4 (07/25/2017 11:18pm):
And duh. "what" will happen next.
popopopose (07/27/2017 08:27pm):
Thank you Hanzhe!

Everdan (07/29/2017 01:52am):
Tower positioning on this map is really good, but you could mix up the terrain a little more. It looks kind of repetitive
as it is.

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