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cap the labs (Design Map by SkankHunt42)
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Jackie Milton (08/12/2017 02:40am):
Do it. You won't
SkankHunt42 (08/12/2017 05:00am):
Xmo5 (08/12/2017 11:46am):
I suggest spicing up the fronts a good bit. Right now, it's basically a straight line and there's no terrain at all to
encourage strategic maneuvers. To top it off, it's all 0 defense terrain with no movement penalties so that
means it's extremely hard to defend or attack effectively. Basically, everyone will want to turtle back where it's
safe and just line a bunch of indirects up to bombard anyone dumb enough to stop on the road/shoal line. The
center will become a major advantage to whoever holds it because it has such a high defensive value that it's
nearly impossible to take back.
SkankHunt42 (08/24/2017 01:41pm):
A little late but done! :D

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