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Amphibians (Design Map by Hanzhe_x5)
Categories: A-Rank

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Hanzhe_x5 (08/26/2017 01:55pm):
Construction Builder

Movement: Same as Infantry.
- Fuel: 99
ATK Power: 0.
- Ammo: None.
DEF Power: Same as Infantry.

Capture Power: 10

Special: Can construct Fences on plains/roads/bridges/cities. Doing so will increase the tile's
terrain star by one. Multiple fences can't be constructed on the same tile. This unit will
be removed in the construction process.

(Or it could be ammo-based so it would be used more often.)

Last Edited on 08/26/2017 02:06pm
start (08/26/2017 07:42pm):
Brilliant map. How long did this take you?
Hanzhe^4 (08/26/2017 10:41pm):
It's a relatively small map (comparing to my other time-wasting stuffs) so about 30 minutes or so. Switching to
making smaller maps seems better/safer at the moment when I realized how 90% of my maps on my first
account are better than the ones I'm making nowadays :P.
Hanzhe^4 (08/26/2017 10:45pm):
(yay got categorized)
start (08/27/2017 02:45pm):
Ridiculous. This took you just 30 minutes? You should consider streaming your map-

Do you typically start each map with the final shape in mind?
Hanzhe^4 (08/27/2017 03:31pm):
Nah I just put random stuffs down and make whatever I can out of it x).
Hanzhe_x5 (08/27/2017 05:56pm):
Okaaaaaay. 3 bases might be too much for this setting.

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