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How can BM win this battle ? (Design Map by Pika Rizard (Fund))
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Pika Rizard (08/26/2017 11:50pm):
Can BM win this battle ?
BM: Colin, Grit, Sasha, Olaf
YC: Kanbei, Grimm, Sonja, Sensei
Should play in FoW
Where do you think I should put the airport ?
a9977321 (08/27/2017 05:17am):
How about no airport?
Pika Rizard (08/27/2017 06:27am):
I think YC need an airport. What do you think if BM CO is Grit and he uses battleships & carriers from the sea ?
a9977321 (08/28/2017 01:58am):
That's my point. And that's an easy way for BM to win
Pika Rizard (10/01/2017 03:13am):
I just want to know a way YC can win this battle.

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