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Lash Box #1 (Design Map by IPS)
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IPS (09/03/2017 07:39am):
Lash Box #1
Inspired from a previous invention of mine

It's a crazy FFA map which forces all four players to fight for property dominance. There
are 8 labs in strategic positions which can be used to give advantage to those players
that can maintain them (for example, allowing the player build heavy units like rockets,
MD tanks, Neotanks and Megatanks).

Each sector has its own unique personality and each player are in all the different
positions of regions with advantage (which are a way more far from other alied bases) and
those in certain disadvantage considering the close allied bases are.

A try of FTA has been implemented, in order to counter FTA.

There is one unique Com.Tower in the center, would you REALLY dare at trying to get it,
even if that means that other's player main base could fight for it too? WHAT ABOUT IF ALL
washout, consequences are not predicable.

What about unlocking your Fighter which is nearly useless except for blocking a tile
whenever you need or to destroy other's fighters? Also, there are a lot of interesting
mountains you can unlock for vision in FoW.

About vision ... there are MANY grasslands which all players can see what unit you have on
there (those that are broken pipes already, mostly in positions that prevents aggressive
passive camping which could potentially ruin someone's game).

Also, CO bans:
- Grit, obvious reassons, some forests are enough far away in order to don't allow a
direct fire to certain enemy bases.
- All the other 4 broken 5's, belive me, it's not fun facing them.
- Kindle would be a wise ban as well, pherphaps, urban blight could be annoying to deal
- Sami (maybe) could be risk allowing her too.
- Sasha, belive me, your COP or SCOP being constantly negated is a boring.
- Sturm, terrain movement costs cheat passive...

Also, this map is just as Crazy as Lash is !! and there is more coming from this!
Last Edited on 09/03/2017 07:41am
IPS (09/03/2017 08:00am):
Also as additional comment, symmetry on this map is an hell, let me notice if there is any
problem with symmetry... the complexity of the symmetry here is really huge because:

[ B ] [ C ] [ D ] [ B ]
[ D ] [ A ] [ A ] [ C ]
[ C ] [ A ] [ A ] [ D ]
[ B ] [ D ] [ C ] [ B ]

A patterns are the same, but with rotations of 90º
B patterns has no rotation, meaning that NORTH/SOUTH is like a mirror.
C patterns has 90º rotations, but in the opposite direction than A patterns ??
D patterns has 90º rotations, no idea at all which direction lmao.

So basically:

- A patterns: Your HQ and your late game carry.
- B and C patterns: Your Labs, better try to maintain dominance over those. At least your
base near the lab has advantage over enemy's base.
- D patterns least important base, also isolated base which if you find to connect to any
other could give you a potential tactical advantage.

Last Edited on 09/03/2017 08:05am
dudeman33 (09/03/2017 11:11pm):
too long didnt read
Jackie Milton (09/04/2017 05:20pm):

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