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Waylon Flies Again (Design Map by phineas81707)
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Rating: 9.00 in 1 rating
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phineas81707 (09/09/2017 12:07am):
An attempt at remixing Waylon Flies Again into a map that can be played against a human. Lack of rough terrain
hurt a little bit, but hopefully the general concept translates well.

The labs should be used to control Air Units.
Rush_FTK (09/09/2017 02:10am):
i brlieve that it's a good map in DOR.which fly unit more variable
Sucker Boh (09/09/2017 12:12pm):
Stalemates for days. Needs fixing
ichbinsehselber (09/10/2017 10:12am):
This map looks well done. There can be 3 fronts (top middle and bottom). The map is
designed to favour air force by making the path of the vehicles to center longer. (9/10)
from me
Tmi489 (09/10/2017 05:15pm):
I'd bring the labs closer to the center by maybe 1 tile and maybe add a seam to get through the mountains a little
phineas81707 (09/12/2017 02:35am):
REVISION (Hopefully): Labs moved and seam added. The original version of Waylon Flies Again included a path
to the middle for Waylon, so I feel this doesn't impact the map's integrity.

I say hopefully because, after a few refreshes, the new arrangement of the lab doesn't look like what it does in my
build template. Namely, I don't want the labs surrounded by mountains.
ichbinsehselber (09/12/2017 04:15pm):
Tbh I liked the previous version better. Now it is clear that you have to build an
artillery early and blast your direct way to the center. and there is one main front which
is the middle.
Air units become less interesting, because the vehicles just go through the center.
Last Edited on 09/12/2017 04:15pm
phineas81707 (09/18/2017 12:17am):
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too... either way works for me, since it's a map with the two differing ideas...

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