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coƶperate (Design Map by SkankHunt42)
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Rating: 5.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
IPS (09/13/2017 06:43am):
if its player in FFA, being sami as the first side gives an irreversible owning of a whole
side of the map. Not so fair at all fo players that moves later.

3/10 because that notable and grave flaw.
SkankHunt42 (09/13/2017 07:29am):
why the hell would anyone want to play this map FFA XD
It's clearly designed for 2v2
IPS (09/14/2017 11:11pm):
But I think that teams would be much more balanced if placing OS+YC vs BM+GE and giving
FTA counter to BM and GE.

But knowing how people are ... they would just fuck up the teams, it's too highly
dependant of host's honestity. 5/10 then.
Shadow Star (09/15/2017 01:27am):
If I recall. OS+YC vs BM+GE is balanced, without needing to include any FTA counters as the turn order
balances itself as is. ABBA is the same idea as giving a 1v1 map with 4 bases a starting infantry to the second
player. that functions as a BAAB. A lot of the Pipe seams and port feel, kind of pointless. The bases in the
mountains feel strange as they're restricted to infantry and mechs.
I'm not really sure what you had in mind for the labs, but, I assume none of them would be air units. giving one
member air units and another some sort of powerful land advantage. The game is going to take a very long
time. Though the central front is wide open, if you win that front, it's a long trek to get your base units to the
enemy chokepointed front. Making the end very long and drawn out.

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