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Rivals! (Design Map by phineas81707)
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phineas81707 (09/09/2017 09:50pm):
A map inspired by Rivals! Like Waylon Flies Again, the labs should be used to control air units.

Personal comments, I'm interested in seeing how the bridges and FTA should work. The way the funding is now,
an infantry to Green Earth would actually give a tad more of an advantage than I think it's meant to, which is
concerning. Though maybe I'm thinking of something incorrectly.
Tmi489 (09/10/2017 05:14pm):
A GE infantry would be a tad too little since infantries are noramlly used to counter 2 bases + HQ.
phineas81707 (09/12/2017 02:16am):
...Should probably make the airports start neutral...

My idea involved maybe having T-Copters start unlocked, so you could rush to the labs and centre areas, and the
FTA infantry would knock such a strategy out of balance. The alternative (locking T Copters behind the lab) would
make the capture phase a lot more dragged-out... but I think it would've been that way anyway.
ichbinsehselber (09/12/2017 10:21am):
It depends what is more important to you. Balance or the game flow which you wanna achieve.

So I would go for making the airports neutral and give GE the FTA infantry.
Still: even that does not really balance it. The first player to make the T-copter fly (in
case the T-copters are unlocked) gets the FTA on this map.
Xmo5 (09/12/2017 11:03am):
^^ That was my exact thought. I started writing a response to this yesterday and I guess I
got interrupted and never finished it, but it was pretty similar to ichbinsehselber's

The other point I intended to bring up was funding and property positioning. If you made
it such that there were 2 important areas, each of which were most easily accessed by
tcopter (2 neutral bases, for example) and messed with the capture phase such that GE gets
the first tcopter, OS gets 2 in a row, and GE gets the last one, it would help mitigate
FTA. This is commonly done with standard competitive 2p maps, but with vehicles. Obviously
you have to make some assumptions about the most logical build and capture sequences, but
I suspect most people would do the same thing for the first few turns here.
dudeman33 (09/12/2017 08:44pm):
this looks nothing like rivals.........
Jackie Milton (09/13/2017 11:05am):
You're my rival, dudeman33 ♥♥♥
Last Edited on 09/13/2017 11:06am

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