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Galatea (Design Map by Hanzhe_x5)
Categories: New

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Hanzhe_x5 (09/10/2017 09:47pm):

At the end of your turn, if any of your units didn't move, it gains +1 HP.

Power - Glass Masking
The first 10% (1HP) of damage dealt to your units is canceled.

Super Power - Sculpturra
Enemy units' fuel reduces by half.
Enemy units have -1 movement (min:1) until your power ends.
Hanzhe_x5 (09/10/2017 09:52pm):
I really don't know whether it's too chocky or whatblahs, so I guess it's 2-Towers for now.
Ban Javier & Sturm, possibly Lash.
Hanzhe^4 (09/10/2017 10:22pm):
And welp, I tried. I still can't make better, more creative maps than the first few maps I made. Apparently
skills are getting worse. .-.

*took a look at a bunch of my old maps* what the kale why do I make my maps SO MESSY and how did I find
the time to make 25x25+ maps back then? What how...why...when did I start to make 20x20 stuffs that look
like they were randomly generated? WHHHHHHHHHAT HAAAAAAPENED?
Last Edited on 09/10/2017 10:41pm
a9977321 (09/11/2017 06:06am):
Though unfriendly to direct units in the side, the centre is a great playground for air
force. It will be not that easy to counter bcopters with AAs cost-efficiently in early
game. Sami and Drake did have their transport advantage in this map, but the advantage is
fairly acceptable. Good job!

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